Health Tips To Lead A Happy Monsoon

Happy Monsoon:

Monsoon has begun and people have started falling sick due to climate change. Climate change makes people fall sick due to loss of immunity. Weak immunity people are more prone to flu’s, cold, fevers, etc. So, let’s see a few tips to lead a healthy and happy monsoon.

Maintain Hygiene:

Hygiene is very important for our body and we should keep our body clean to prevent ourselves from the attack of diseases and infections. So, have regular bath and clean the areas where sweat accumulates.

Foot Care:

Hygiene means taking care of entire body, .i.e., even hands, legs, nails hair, etc. Foot care is very important especially in monsoons because we move outside in rain and all the dirt and infections get accumulated in the nails and foot. So, proper cleaning of legs is necessary. Otherwise the infections may get transferred to other family members.

Foot Care

Foot Care

Asthmatic Patients:

People who are suffering from asthma must take special care during monsoon. They must avoid sitting in cold air or air conditioners when they are drenched. Doing so may cause them breathing problem and may also lead to development of fungus around the areas they live. Our homes must be dry and clean to keep all the infections at bay.

Drink Enough Water:

Fall in the temperature during monsoons may not make you feel thirsty, but you should drink enough water to have a healthy metabolism and to avoid dehydration. As dehydration makes one feel week and may cause headaches, which in turn may disturb your routine activity or office work.

Drink Enough Water

Drink Enough Water

Dry Skin:

Dry skin is one of the major problems that many people experience during monsoon. The skin becomes dry and flaky and tends to itch. So, consuming sufficient water will help in overcoming such problems. Apply, body lotions or moisturizers to keep skin supple and smooth.

Proper Diet:

Eating right is also important during monsoons. Eat hot and fresh food and avoid outside food. Outside food may get polluted due to water or polluted ingredients; and may make you fall sick. So, prefer home food. Eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc, to stay healthy.

C Vitamin:

Immunity is one such thing which is necessary for healthy living. Decease in the immunity levels will make human body prone to all kind of diseases. C-vitamin can be obtained by taking lemon, oranges, sweet lime, broccoli, etc.

C Vitamin

C Vitamin

Pepper and Turmeric:

These ingredients are necessary for avoiding flu and cold; and when people suffer with these diseases can use turmeric and pepper. Consuming milk with turmeric can keep bacteria and infections at bay. They also clean our lung diseases. So, use turmeric and pepper as ingredients in food which you consume.

Visit Doctor:

Having said, if you fall sick and have high temperature, i.e., fever, then it is better to see a doctor and take necessary prescriptions. Especially, children must be careful and parents should keep an eye on their health.
Just follow these simple tips by making necessary changes in your daily life to lead a hale and healthy life during monsoon.

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