Amazing Health Benefits of Carom Seeds

Carom seeds are also known as Ajwain seeds, which we are using these as spices in our kitchen. Carom seeds are being used in Indian as well as Middle Eastern cuisine invariably. After having lunch or dinner, by chewing of ajwain you can digest the food easily. Caroms have help to wipe out bad breath and make you feel healthy and fit. The seeds are available nearby. Better to buy loose seeds than packed seeds. And you can buy packed seeds which are having ISI mark that gives best quality. Having great benefits of carom seeds are effective in use.

Health Benefits of Carom Seeds

Health Benefits of Carom Seeds

Health benefits:

For digestion:

  • We already talked about ajwain seeds are being used in digestion.
  • When you chewing the seeds gut juice will be release from intestine that will develop a great intestinal track to digestion purpose.


  • Carom seeds have an essential oil named thyme which provides an aromatic smell.
  • While consuming the seeds you will get delighted with its fragrance.

Vitamins and Minerals:

  • Vitamins and minerals are playing significant role in human body.
  • Vitamins are minerals rich sources in ajwain seeds.
  • When oxidants are excess in the body, need to get anti-oxidants.
  • Ajwain seeds have antioxidants, and then your immune system will be protected.
  • Carom seeds also have fiber content so these are good for bowl movement.

Medicinal properties:
Due to cuts and guts by the infection, one can get effective remedy out of it, because it had antiseptic properties.
It helps in cures cough and cold.
Make seed decoction and get relief from asthma.
From the ancient time, carom seeds can be used in Auyurvedic and herbal medicines.
Indigestion and flatulence are being treated by the seeds effectively.
Kitchen uses:

  • Ajwain is used in Indian, Middle Eastern and Pakistani kitchens.
  • These can be grinded properly to preparing various dishes.
  • Avoid prolonged cooking with theses seeds because of evaporating.
  • People in Punjab are prepares asajwain bread by using carom seeds.
  • Vegetable dishes, fishes and meat preparation can be done by these seeds because it provides different flavour to the particular dish.
  • Pickles, snacks, soups and spicy biscuits are being prepared in India by these seeds.

Cough and Cold:

  • Take some seeds and boil it form some time.
  • Make a filter of these seeds and consume it.
  • It gives instant relief.
Health Benefits of Carom Seeds Cough and Cold

Health Benefits of Carom Seeds Cough and Cold

For pregnancy women:

  • The seeds have anti-inflammatory properties so it had various benefits.
  • By consuming the seeds, pregnant lady can keep her digestive track really effective.

Congestion problem:

  • One can cure his congestion problem by using the seeds in a proper way.
  • Mix jiggery and carom seed in a bowl and boil it.
  • Wait until it becomes warm keep it in a cloth.
  • Place the warm packet on chest.
  • You can get instant relief with the help of this method.

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