Top Health Benefits of Plums and Its Side Effects

Health Benefits of Plums

The plum health benefits are numerous and have a positive impact on overall health. Eating plums is known to improve heart function, bone health, and cognitive function in the body. Listed below are some major benefits of plums. Top Health Benefits of Plums and Its Side Effects

1. Promote Healthy Bones

One of the main health benefits of plums is that it promotes bone health and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Plum is known to prevent and reverse bone loss. Dried plums contain a bioactive compound called “rutin” which helps increase bone density. Health Benefits of Plums

2. Helps In Diabetes Treatment

Plums are rich in bioactive compounds like boron, sorbitol, chlorogenic acid, copper, quinic acid, Vitamin K1, and potassium. These nutrients work together to help reduce the risk and prevent diabetes. Plums also contain a hormone called adiponectin which helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Plums also help increase insulin sensitivity thus aiding in diabetes treatment. Additionally, the fiber content in plums slow down the rate at which the body absorbs carbs.

3. Plums Reduce Constipation

Plum health benefits relate directly to the fiber content present in them. Owing to its rice fiber content, plums are useful in treating constipation. Plums contain phenolic compounds which have laxative properties and improve stool consistency which have an overall on gastrointestinal function.

4. Improve Cognitive Health

Owing to the polyphenol content in plums, this wonder fruit is known to reduce brain cholesterol levels and improve cognitive function. Plums are known to mitigate cognitive defects and reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

5. Promotes Heart Function

Another useful health benefit of plums is that it protects the heart. Plums are known to lower blood pressure thereby controlling hypertension. Regular intake of plums also help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the body.

Promotes Heart Function

Side Effects of Plums

Although not many, there are a few side effects of plums. They are:

  • Stomach discomfort: The sorbitol present in plums can have a side effect of bloating. If taken in excess, the dietary fiber present in plums can cause stomach discomfort and constipation.
  • Kidney stones: Plums are known to reduce Urinary pH. When consumed in excess, plums can cause kidney stones. Hence, those prone to kidney stones are strictly recommended to avoid plums.


Plums when consumed in the right quantity possess numerous health benefits. Hence, it is important to exploit the benefits of this wonder fruit in the right way. Plums can be consumed in different ways- the fruit itself, in dried forms called prunes, in juices, and jams. If you have doubts in how much plums you can consume, seek medical advice. Overall, plums are delicious fruits rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber.


Yaamini Radhakrishnan
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