8 Carbohydrates in your Diet to keeps Stay Healthy


The most carbohydrates are convert into glucose (sugar) when you having carb-rich food. This is used to fuel cells in the brain and muscles. Mostly foods contain the combination of carbs, fats and proteins in varying amounts. These are a source of energy that can be divided into three types. They are;

  • Sugar
  • Starch
  • Fibre

There are a number of causes to keep carbs in your regimen. There are a number of foods rich in carbohydrates, which keep you to stay healthy. Let’s see some of them. If you maintain these foods in your diet, your digestive system would be in regulating mood. By having these foods, you will have a big impact on your daily health.

Carb Foods:

In fact, it is a whole grain good. You can add the air-popped variety to your diet rather than added fat and sodium. A cup of air-popped popcorn contains 31 calories, 6 gms of carbs and 1 grm fiber. So, let’s keep it in your diet and lose excess weight.



It has the ability to provide a dose of fiber. It is rich in vitamin B6 and natural sugars. More than 100 different functions in your body will be regulated by these contents. You can make recipes with banana.

It is the great source of protein and fiber. By eating these foods, you can be reduced desire to eat. Automatically you will be slim.

These are abundant in fiber, ant-oxidants and vitamins. A cup of blueberries has 84 calories. By having these foods often in your diet, you can be avoided cognitive decline as your age.

It is one of the most traditional breakfast foods. This lower cholesterol food is rich in fiber that helps to keep your heart healthy. It is considered as a best low-carb diet, in which helps to your person goals.

This protein food has all the nine essential amino acids naturally, that’s why this is known as a complete protein food. It serves like a grain. It seems like a soap coating that is bitter and mildly toxic, when it was first harvested. It has been soaked and rinsed to get rid of this coating.



It is one of the most popular winter squashes, which contains similar nutrients as pumpkin. It is abundant in fiber and low in sugars. A cup of prepared butternut squash cubes contain more than 6 grm of fiber, carotenoids, and anti-oxidants which combat with diseases.

You can have any type of potato in you regimen because it contains fiber. Sweet potato has carotenoids, vitamins C, protein and potassium. You can eat both. So, there is no problem to have sweet potato chips.

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