5 Home Remedies To Boost Your Immunity To Fight The Coronavirus

The cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day in India, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus as a pandemic there is not yet any cure for it and we need to safeguard ourselves against infections. For this, the best way to prevent infection is to wash your hands with soap and water regularly and avoid crowds.

5 Home Remedies To Boost Your Immunity To Fight The Coronavirus

5 Home Remedies To Boost Your Immunity To Fight The Coronavirus

Meanwhile, here are some home remedies that you can include in your diet and follow in your daily routine for boosting your immunity. Indian culture from ancient times has been in the practice of eating immunity building coctions. Chyawanprash is an ayurvedic preparation and a spoon of this ayurvedic preparation contains lots of essential herbs which are rich in antioxidants. This Ayurvedic medicine has been a routine in the lives of many individuals. This preparation is considered as an ayurvedic treatment which helps to build immunity. In this article, let’s have a look at some more such home remedies to boost your immunity.

5 Home Remedies To Boost Your Immunity To Fight The Coronavirus

  •  Ginger Tulsi Tea: For this tea, you need to Boil a litre of water and add 1 tablespoon of dried ginger with 4 teaspoons of coriander seeds and leave it to boil. Then add 1tbsp of black pepper, and also add 4-inch giloy stick and to this concoction add a fistful of fresh tulsi leaves. Keep boiling for 2 minutes. Then Strain the mixture then add 1 tsp of honey or jaggery as per your taste.
    Ginger Tulsi Tea

    Ginger Tulsi Tea

  •  Milk With Garlic, Cinnamon and Honey: Take a glass of milk to this, add four glasses of water then add three garlic cloves to it. Boil till the mixture is reduced to one glass. Strain this and add honey/sugar/Khand along with cinnamon. Now it is ready to be consumed. You can replace it with your tea/coffee.
    Milk with garlic, cinnamon and honey

    Milk with garlic, cinnamon and honey

  •  Turmeric Buttermilk: Never heard of this buttermilk but it might sound strange but it has many health benefits as it is anti-inflammatory and aids in digestion. Take a teaspoon turmeric powder, add 1tsp asafoetida powder, add 1tsp fenugreek and a few fennel seeds and also few curry leaves to 500 ml of buttermilk. You can consume this drink twice or thrice daily.
    Turmeric Buttermilk

    Turmeric Buttermilk

  • Consume Lemon Ginger Tea: Make a tea with lemon, ginger, turmeric and honey to add warm water. Many include this concoction in their daily routine and swear by this tonic as a beneficial and true remedy for colds. It works because honey is an antioxidant which acts as a natural immunity booster. Ginger, on the other hand, has powerful antioxidants with antiviral properties which can be used to treat digestive issues like nausea and motion-related sickness. Lemon juice is high in vitamin C and can be used for its antioxidant properties which can prevent the common cold. Lastly, curcumin, a component present in turmeric, can regulate and boost the immune system.
  • Consume Hot Chicken Soup:  Prepare a batch of chicken soup.  This dish actually has a mild anti-inflammatory effect. The following are the Ingredients used in the soup
      • Shredded chicken,
      • Diced onions,
      • Boiled sweet potatoes,
      • Finely chopped parsnips,
      • Cut into cubes turnips,
      • Baby carrots,
      • Finely chop celery, parsley,
      • salt and pepper as per taste

This soup has been found to slow the movement of WBC  into the respiratory system, which helps to relieve symptoms of cold and flu. Lastly, Carnosine is a compound found in the chicken breast which can help in the prevent the common cold.

All these concoctions/kadhais can work on your metabolism because metabolism plays an important role in building immunity. In addition, you can add the ginger-garlic-chilli paste to your curries gravies, batter. Also, make sure to hydrate your body for cleansing action. Increase your intake of probiotics as it is recommended to take at least 2 servings of yoghurt in your diet because it helps to maintain gut flora of the stomach. vitamin C also plays a vital role against viral infection, you can increase its intake by taking lemon/kiwi/oranges/sweet lime/amla which are very good options for meeting this vital vitamin requirement in the body.

Always keep in mind the basic rule which is prevention is better than cure.

So, it’s in your hand what you choose to do.


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