10 Health Benefits of Water Chestnut

Benefits of Water Chestnut

Eating right is a healthy bet and eating fruits and vegetables according to their seasonal availability is even better. I have complied ten benefits of water chestnut to motivate you to eat this humble fruit more.

Benefits of Water Chestnut

Benefits of Water Chestnut

Water chestnut is a floating aquatic plant, popularly known as Singhara or paniphal in India. It grows in slow moving water and is cultivated in fresh water lakes. It is strictly a winter fruit. Changes in climate, fluctuations in nutrient content of water bodies have resulted in near extinction of this fruit. Ancient Chinese people believed that water chestnut have antipyretic properties, they even used it in religious ceremonies.

Water Chestnut

Water Chestnut

Ayurveda, considers it as an extremely nutritive fruit. It can cure infertility, impotency, cough, painful urination, generalized weakness, hemorrhages, abnormal bleeding from uterus and fatigue. This fruit can be eaten raw or boiled. Dried fruit is grounded into flour, which is a popular food in Hindu fast.

Water chestnut has a remarkable Nutrition Facts. About 100 grams of water chestnut contains 584 mg of potassium, 14 mg of Sodium, it is low in fat and scores zero in cholesterol. It is rich in Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin C. It is gluten free and low in fat contains moderate quantity of dietary fibers.

Top Health Benefits of Water Chestnut

1.Blood Purifier

Cleansing blood naturally is essential, because blood is a circulating body fluid in animals and humans. It provides oxygen, nutrition and removes metabolic waste away from cells. Water chestnut acts as an outstanding natural blood purifier. It has ability to cure various problems, such as sore throat, common cold, cough, respiratory infections and digestive problems.

2.Anti-oxidant properties

Anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, present in water chestnut helps in fighting against viral and bacterial infections. Antioxidants are natural chemicals present in food. They fight the damaging effects of free radicals, which are formed in body during normal metabolic activity. Vitamin C present in Water chestnut rescue body by destroying these free radicals and boosts our immune system.

3.Treats Diarrhea and Dysentery

Diarrhea is one of the most common health problems. Water chestnut is easy to digest and provides optimum amount of dietary fibers. It adds bulk to stool and helps in alleviating diarrhea symptoms.

Treats Diarrhea and Dysentery

Treats Diarrhea and Dysentery


Iron deficiency anaemia can be easily treated and managed by eating food rich in vitamins and iron.

5.Bone Health

Singhara is good source of calcium. It not only strengthens bone but also support teeth structure.

Bone Health

Bone Health


It helps in curing sore throat, common cold and also cures skin infections, eczema. It helps in reinforcing our immune system.


Leucorrhoea also known as Vaginitis, is common in female especially during puberty. It comprises foul smell, intense pain and irritation in cervical region, stomach ache, white or yellow discharge from female genitals. Water chestnut is instrumental in maintaining female health. Minerals present in water chestnut helps in maintaining hormonal balanceIt also increases fertility and strengthens uterus.

8.Multidimensional Health Benefits in Pregnancy

It helps in stabilizing pregnancy, prevents abortions and pre term birth. It is used in making laddoos and panjiri, which are beneficial in pregnancy. It is helpful in lactation too.

Multidimensional Health Benefits in Pregnancy

Multidimensional Health Benefits in Pregnancy

9.Gluten Free

Dried and grounded seeds serve as a great substitute for grains. Therefore people suffering from gluten allergy can easily consume it.

10. Weight Management

Water chestnut is low in calories, but dense in energy. Hence one feels fuller for longer period. It is rich in magnesium and iodine, this helps in thyroid function.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Some precautionary measures should always be kept in mind while consuming singhara, because over consumption may result in abdominal pain and bloating. Likewise, people suffering from chronic constipation should avoid it, since it may aggravate constipation.

Dr. Reena Prajapat
Dr Reena Prajapat is a dentist, she post graduated in hospital management from Apollo Institute of hospital Administration, Hyderabad. Her strong belief in natural and home remedies lead her to Pursue bachelor in naturopathy.