Stay Healthy by Playing Sports

Sports play an important role in overall development of youth. Physical and emotional benefits of playing sports have greater impact on youth development. It helps you to be fit, teaches time management and builds healthier relationships also. Sports will also help you to develop competitive spirit.

Team management abilities:

One can acquire team management abilities and leadership skills by playing sports. These social skills are very important in life. An individual survey revealed that participation in sports will develop leadership skills, coordination among team members and their determination towards goal. All these skills help people to stand ahead of others at work place. People who are active in sports will get good career opportunities and promotions.

Children and youth participating in sports exhibit:

  • Higher academic performance
  • Increased confidential levels
  • Healthy relationships with family and friends
Team management abilities: Playing Sports

Team management abilities: Playing Sports

Improves memory power:
According to Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, physical movement/ sports improve concentration and memory power, boost creative thinking and develop problem solving skills.

Reduce fat content:
Sports participation will burn calories and reduces fat content. It improves the functioning of heart. This will reduce the risk of heart problems. Being active in sports one can habituated to balanced diet which reduces the level of fat and bad cholesterol and reduces the risk of blood pressure and obesity.

Healthier Relationships:

Team based sports will provide an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds and enhance social network. It will set the goals and develops organising abilities among team members to achieve the goal. People who regularly played sports were less likely to use drugs says a study published in Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine.

Healthier Relationships

Healthier Relationships

Avoid sleep disorders:
Sports are a natural way to relief from stress and avoid sleep disorders. Physical activity stimulates production of endorphins. These natural stress relievers lower stresses level and gives relaxation. Ample sleep will give you an attractive and a refreshing look. Proper sleep will enhance your memory and concentration power.

Strengthen your stamina:
Physical activity will strengthen your skills and stamina. This will boost your confidence levels and self-esteem.

Improves muscle strength:
Regular physical activity helps to grow healthy bones, and improves muscle strength as it delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This will improve the heart and lung functioning. It helps to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, depression and osteoporosis.
Balance your activities:
Sports will encourage community participation and initiation. This helps people to learn social etiquette skills and emotional intelligence. People participating in sports and physical activity will achieve coordination and balance in their activities. They are good at social skills and fitness also.

Lowers blood pressure:
Sports can aid you to reduce the risk of heart attack and lowers blood pressure levels. It also improves your fitness levels and tones your muscles.

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