Run To Stay Fit: Running Rules You Should Follow

Run To Stay Fit

If you have a passion for running this article is for you. This article is concentrated on the running tip you should know as you rack up the miles.Run To Stay Fit: Running Rules You Should Follow

Running Tips You Need to Know

1. Specify your goal-

Set your goals, motivate yourself, put all your efforts and work hard to achieving something spectacular. Think about what training you need in order accomplish your big goals. Remember practice makes you better. To be successful, you need to be consistent, practice pace goals and run at that pace daily.

2. 10- percent per week goal-

Never increase the mileage of your weekly training more than 10 percent per week. Need not to ramp quickly, or you may get injured or suffer from knee problems, Shin splints, etc. Keep adding 10 percent mileage per week until you are close to your target. No need to hurry. Slowly and persistently build your capacity.

3. 10-minute Rule-

This rule says that before you start running warm up yourself by walking or running at slow speed. Warming up gradually increases the flow of blood, raises the temperature of the body and prepares the body for a workout or running. You also need to do this while cooling down because stopping suddenly it causes dizziness, fainting, nausea and leg cramps. 10 minutes warm up and cool down sessions avoid injury, cramps, and nausea. 10-minute Rule

*If the weather is warm it may take less than 10 minutes to warm up your body.

4. 2-hour rule-

If you had a meal then wait for 2 hours before you start running. Food that we eat takes 2 hours to empty stomach especially a carbohydrate-rich diet. In case you do not wait for 2 hours after a meal and start running the food won’t be adequately digested you may experience nausea, vomiting, bloating of stomach and abdominal cramps.

If you have a light high in carbs meal, you can run after 90 minutes. You can run 15 minutes to hours later having a small snack high in quick carbs and low in protein and fat. After having a heavy meal rich in fat and proteins better wait for about 3 hours before running.

5. Race recovery rule-

In the case, you have recently run a PR or a half marathon then refrain yourself from doing speed work for about a few weeks. It is said that you should allow one-day recovery for each mile you run. Roughly you may take two weeks off. Give your body two week time to recover and repair. You can make a slow run if you wish to.

6. Two-Day Rule-

While running if it hurts then do not ignore the pain signal and better take off for two days. Also, if you are facing any other psychological or physical issue such as injury, stress or illness take a two day off. If even after rest of 2 days it hurt, or you don’t feel better, see your doctor. Two-Day Rule

7. Familiar food-

If you are to participate an upcoming race event refrains yourself from eating or drinking anything unfamiliar and stick to the only foods to which your body is used to.

8. Carb rule-

Carb rule says that a few days prior any long race emphasize on a diet rich in carbohydrates. It refuels you in the long run. Depending on your body size and intensity t is recommended to consume about 30 grams to 60 grams of carbs per hour.

9. Start Slowly-

While you are running a race or during practice sessions start slowly and take time to build towards a defined goal. This will helps your performance to progress at the rate that will be easy for your body to handle. And also you will be injury free. Start Slowly

10. Safety rule, the left side rule-

When running on the road to be safe run on the left side facing the traffic so that you can avoid any potential danger coming down the road quickly. However, while running into leftward blind curve make sure that the right side of the road is much safer.

11. Drinking water rule-

Two hours before you start running you should consume about 16 ounces f water. Consume additional 8 ounces of water 20 minutes prior practice or race. You also need to drink water during the race. Consume about 8 ounces of water every 20 minutes during activity to avoid dehydration.

12. Even pace rule-

If you are running for your personal best better maintain an even pace from the start to end. To win a race, you need to be steady. But if you are too fast you cant be steady. The better plan set a reasonable pace, and stick to the plan while preparing for a significant undertaking. When you follow this procedure, you will save energy for the long middle slog and believe me at the end you will be grateful for doing this.

13. The Conversation Rule-

This rule says that you must be able to complete a sentence while running. Your run should not be that strenuous that you are not even able to finish a sentence or you will be injured. The Conversation Rule

14. Sleep rule-

On an average, a man needs to sleep 8 hours of sound sleep but for every mile per week that you train one extra minute every night.

15. Pollution and running-

While running, we breathe more profoundly making the polluted air to reach lungs through the nasal passage. If a red alert is passed and the air pollution level in your area has increased above the safety level, passionate runners should follow some rules.

First, of all run in the early morning, choose green spaces, better check the air quality index daily and then plan and the most important in to wear a pollution safety mask. Also, make sure to include foods rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E in your diet because antioxidants remove toxic substance from our body.

Follow all the running tips to run longer, stay injury free and feel lighter. If you find our article useful, please give your feedback in the comment section below.

Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta:  Professionally a homeopathic doctor and a dietician Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta is passionate about writing health and parenting blogs. She believes in holistic approach towards health and well being.