How Kinetic-energy is the Quite Opposite of Potential-Energy

Potential energy:

Fun experiments for the kids that feature is awesome hands-on projects and activities which helpsto bring the exciting world of science to life. Kids are known for their unlimited energy, so here studying about the kinetic energy with them is seems naturally. Kinetic energy is the energy where an object has in its motion, such as the baseball thrown by the jug and glass falling off on the table. Before these movements, the object has the potential-energy.

potential energy

potential energy

The kinetic energy can also be transferred from one object to another, like in and there is a number of activities that can be demonstrate these energy for kids. It is the opposite of the deposited, or potential, energy where that can be transferred between the objects or changed into the potential energy. In additional, there are numerous simple experiments which can be done to show the children effects of that and how it is be transferred between the objects.

Everyday Life:

Kinetic-energy is the quite opposite of potential-energyand you can point out these two forms of energy when the chance is arises. For example: If leaf is on the tree, it has potential energy and it falls to the ground then it becomes kinetic energy.

Drum and Drumsticks:

Kinetic-energy can be transferred from one to another object where that can be done with a real drum and drumstick otherwise a large container and two sticks. Hit one drumstick with other and note the sound which it makes. Keep one drumstick on the surface of the drum while you holding the other stick overhead the drum. Knockout the center of the lower drumstick with the drumstick being held above where that should makes a sound even though it hasn’t been hit very directly with that because of the transfer of kinetic-energy.

Drum and Drumsticks

Drum and Drumsticks

Ball Experiment:

Take one heavy ball and a small light weight ball for this experiment. This movement is the best done outdoors or in a very large room. Hold heavy ball in one hand, place the smaller ball on the top and hold it still. Take your hands off of both the balls at the same time where the heavy ball hits the ground and the smallest ball hits the larger one and bounces into the air. You can observe that kinetic energy has been transferred from the heavy ball to the smaller.

Relationship between Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy:

Potential energy is stored within an object while kinetic energy is in motion where the connection between the two is that the potential energy which transforms into a kinetic energy.

Example – book sitting on a counter, when the book is at the rest, it is potential energy. But, you can also say that when a person walks by and accidentally knocks the book off of the counter where the book has the kinetic energy as it falls, because it is in the motion and potential energy has the transformed into the kinetic energy.

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