Home Remedies to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

How to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

When will I lose my tummy fat after delivery? Will fit in my old jeans? It is normal for every new mommy to be haunted by such questions. Don’t be desperate to strive back in the previous shape; it might take considerable time for your body to lose that pregnancy belly. Getting your body back in shape is not as difficult as you might think. Following are few home remedies which can be easily adopted; they are good for your overall health and will also help reduce your belly fat.

How to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

How to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

• Breastfeeding to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

It is believed that breastfeeding helps in losing weight; your body burns additional calories while nursing your baby. Breastfeeding also triggers the contractions in the uterus; it helps the uterus in shrinking and going back to its original size.

• Belly wrapping to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

It is one the oldest and effective way of helping your abdominal muscles to tone back to its original shape. Belly wrapping can be easily done with abdominal binders, maternity belts or tucks; it also helps in back pain, posture problems and abdominal support. Likewise, Belly wrapping is beneficial in recovering from C section delivery also. Belly wrapping provides a gentle compression on your abdominal muscles and makes you feel comfortable. But remember, belly wrapping should not be practiced as a substitute for healthy eating and regular exercise.

•Avoid empty calories to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Take extra care while snaking, say no to empty calories like chips, chocolates, and cookies. Include healthy options like low-fat dairy and whole grains.

•Green tea to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Green tea contains antioxidants and nutrients, it facilitates metabolism. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented; it maintains important molecules called polyphenols. Polyphenols are believed to prevent inflammation and degeneration. Likewise, green tea contains 2% to 3% caffeine, which helps in alertness, thinking and improve brain functions.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is considered safe, but the high dose should be avoided. It can cause vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and irritability when consumed in high dose.

•Massage to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Massage helps in toning up your body; it also increases blood circulation which increases metabolic rate. Massage also helps in improving muscle strength, revitalizes tired sore muscles. Massages help in maintaining elasticity and shielding from injuries.

•Warm water to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Water support absorption of nutrients and fight frequent infections. Alternative therapist advocates hot water in improving health. Drinking warm water promotes the faster breakdown of food, reduces the risk of constipation, and supports bowel movement. Warm water also helps in detoxification; it raises the body’s temperature and promoting sweating and expelling toxins via pores.

Warm water to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Warm water to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Warm water also aids in relaxing your muscles, it acts as natural vasodilator increasing blood flow to muscles and organs. Warm water gives the feeling of fullness and helps in limiting your food. Research suggests, drinking warm water before a meal can help in increasing your metabolism by 15% – 30%.

•Go green to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Include lot of green vegetables, they are rich in antioxidants and vital nutrients.

•Avoid stress to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Various researches have validated the negative effect of stress on your metabolism. Stress can trigger a high level of the stress hormone called cortisol, which increases your appetite and causes a less fat burn. Increased levels of stress hormone cause an increase in insulin levels in your body, this results in low sugar levels in the blood causing sugar craving and overeating. So instead of mindful eating, you will reach for fatty foods like cookies and cheese. Try breathing exercises like yoga, meditation to clear your mind. You can also read, listen to your favorite music and take charge of your stress.

•Exercise to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Regular exercise program after delivery is good for both your mind and body. Exercise reduces the risk of postpartum depression and is also good for your overall health. You can always ask your doctor before engaging yourself in any exercise program. Light exercise like walking, pranayama can be effective and beneficial in toning your belly. Immediately consult your doctor if you experience heavy bleeding, headaches, excessive soreness, and dizziness. Deep belly breathing with abdominal contractions helps in relaxing your abdominal muscles; it strengthens and tones your belly.

•Add metabolic boosters in your diet to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Certain foods and spices have shown to raise your metabolic rate. Herbs and spices like cayenne pepper, black pepper, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon may help fight weight. They help in regulating blood sugar level and cholesterol.

Add metabolic boosters in your diet to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Add metabolic boosters in your diet to Reduce Tummy Fat After Delivery

Dr. Reena Prajapat
Dr Reena Prajapat is a dentist, she post graduated in hospital management from Apollo Institute of hospital Administration, Hyderabad. Her strong belief in natural and home remedies lead her to Pursue bachelor in naturopathy.