Fitness Tips for Women

Gym workouts are being useful for only men especially for six pack people most of women feel. So women prefer always walking. Most of the gyms loaded with men when compared to the women. Some of them only prefer gym when it comes to the wedding ceremony. When their marriage ceremony is over, they quit their workouts suddenly. Then they regain all the lost weight. Women have lot of responsibilities after they got marriage especially after they got children. Then they have no personal time at all to work outs and shape up their body. But women can manage her daily routine when genuinely they concerned about their health and weight. Following fitness schedule is not a big issue when a women looking for a solution. Where there is a will there is a way. Here are fitness tips to help stay fit and lost weight.

Fitness Tips for Women

Fitness Tips for Women

How to find time for exercise:

  • Daily exercise should become part of your life.
  • You feel better by your daily workouts.
  • When you wake up in the early morning allocate at least 45 minutes for the work outs.
  • When it is not possible to do work outs in the early morning, a late evening is suffice for the workouts.
  • Before starting any work out, you just walk at least a 15 minutes at a normal pace.
  • Increase the pace gradually.
  • Surya namaskars, squats, lunges, toe touching exercises, push-ups, dips and crunches are preferable for a few days in a week.
  • Whatever you do, follow it for long time then you can sustain for long.

Eating right:

  • Follow these guidelines for the weight loss program.
  • At regular intervals eating should be preferable.
  • Your daily routine must include whole grains.
  • You just completely avoid junk food, refined food, deep fried food, sweets, coffee and tea.
  • Five to six smaller meals should be preferable in a day.
  • Your diet regimen must contain fiber content.
  • Late night dinner is not good for your health.
  • Duration of six to eight hours of sleep is preferable for you.
  • Completely avoid heavy dinner.
  • Balanced meals are always preferable.
  • While taking on phone, watching TV eating should not preferable. Just concentrate on your meal. That’s better.
  • Recreate yourself twenty minutes for immediately after dinner.
  • If you’re sweet lover, a dark chocolate is good for your health rather than sweets.
  • Water is a great source which is everyone need to intake.
  • Plenty of water I required to be drinks for you being hydrated.
Right Food for Women Fitness

Right Food for Women Fitness

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