7 At-Home Workout Which Makes You Fit And Healthy (No Equipment Required)

Home Workout Which Makes You Fit And Healthy (No Equipment Required)

If you think the home workout is not your thing and its idea makes you yawn, think again!

Because many celebrities these days are into home work out. If the workout is executed correctly, using your own body weight can give you results like at the gym.

So, regularly going to the gym isn’t your thing or you’re short on time, just clear out space in your living room and start your workout routine.

7 At-Home Workout Which Makes You Fit And Healthy ( No Equipment Required)

7 At-Home Workout Which Makes You Fit And Healthy ( No Equipment Required)

These bodyweight moves we’ve detailed below can be scaled by any type of exerciser. so, start when you feel ready to work out and see the progress.

Full-Body Routine

Our top picks for full bodyweight exercises will help to do a full-body workout.

1. Fancy Bridge

This helps to activate your core and posterior chain with a bridge. This exercise is ideal to use as a warmup.

Fancy Bridge

Fancy Bridge


  • Lie on your back and bend your knees, keep feet flat on the floor, and your arms should be straight by your sides.
  • Start pushing your feet and bracing the core, raise your bottom from the ground until your hips are in full position, then squeeze your glutes at the top.
  • Then slowly return to the position where you started and repeat.

2. Squat With Chair

Squats are done to strengthen the muscles of your legs and core, which makes day to day movements easier. Start this with a chair underneath to help you master proper form.

Squat With Chair

Squat With Chair


  • Stand straight in front of the chair with your feet apart as your shoulder-width, toes pointing slightly outwards.
  • Hinge your hips and bend your knees, and lower back until your bottom touches the chair, and your arms should extend out in front.
  • Get up through your heels and return to the start and repeat.

3. Forearm Plank

This is a full-body exercise which requires strength to balance the planks and put the core into overdrive.

Forearm Plank

Forearm Plank


  • Start with the forearms and assume a plank position. Now your body must form a straight line from head to toe.
  • Make sure your lower back and hips are straight and don’t sag. Hold this position for 30 seconds or 1 minute until you master the position.

4. Pushups

Start by Assuming a high plank position and complete the pushup in the same way as you do, which allows your elbows to flare out at an angle of 45-degree. This type of pushup is more challenging than that of a knee pushup



5. Lunge With Stationary Feet

This helps to tone your quads, glutes and hamstrings with a stationary lunge.

Lunge With Stationary Feet

Lunge With Stationary Feet


  • Split your legs and put your right leg in front. Now put Your right foot flat on the ground, and your left foot up on its toes.
  • knees should be bent and lunge, stop when your right thigh is parallel and left is perpendicular to the ground.
  • Return to the starting position with your right foot
  • Repeat this position for a desired number of times, then switch leg position.

6. Plank Then Downward Dog

This move helps to tone your upper part of the body, mainly shoulders. In this, you do not need weights for a shoulder workout.

Plank Then Downward Dog

Plank Then Downward Dog


  • Start with the high plank position, with your hand’s stack underneath your shoulders and your feet should be close together.
  • Keep your core engaged and your hands and feet should not move, pike your hips up and back to this pose. Your body needs to form a triangle with the ground. The neck should be neutral. Your gaze should be downward towards your feet.
  • Hold it for a second, then back to the plank. Repeat the exercise.

7. Straight-Leg And Donkey Kick

This workout helps to build your glutes with donkey kicks.

Straight-Leg And Donkey Kick

Straight-Leg And Donkey Kick


  • Put on all fours, your hands should be aligned with your shoulders and your knees should be aligned with your hips.
  • Keep your back straight, push your right foot out to the imagining a wall behind while keeping your other leg straight.
  • Keep your foot flexed where your toes point down to the floor. Your hips should be square to the ground. Move your buttocks to the top.
  • Return to the start. Repeat this as much as you like.


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