10 Simple Workouts You can Easily do Anywhere

Simple Workouts:

Do you feel gym membership is very expensive? Exercise equipments are costly for some people who don’t bear the price. Don’t worry; we have amazing workouts for your fitness. You can do these simple workouts anywhere and anytime. These can be helpful for you in this busy world. So, let’s get started these exercises which have to be done at least three times a week.

The Plank Pose:-

  • You just come to the Free Fall sleep position and slowly raise your body exactly opposite to the floor.
  • Make sure that entire body is straightened. Do this for 10 seconds in two sets.
  • You can start your workout plan with this best workout routine, which stiffen your abs, back, thigh, and butt.
The Plank Pose Simple Workouts

The Plank Pose Simple Workouts


  • Stand comfortably and keep your toes straight ahead. Remer your torso and abs should be engaged in this move.
  • Now, slowly bend your knees and lower hips toward the floor. Rise slowly. You can do this move for 8 to 10 reps and one to two sets.
  • This is an essential part of your workout routine that builds the muscles in your legs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and claves.
Squats Workouts

Squats Workouts


  • This is just like squats. Stand comfortably.
  • Now, start by moving your leg forward as bend your knees. In this position, one leg is moving forward and one is back position.
  • That means your body into a lunge position.
  • Make sure that your knees are moved at 90 degree angels.
  • Build muscles in your legs with this wonderful move.
  • This is should be done 8 to 10 reps and one to two sets for beginners.
Lunges Workouts

Lunges Workouts


  • This is also just like plank. Settle in the Free Fall position and keep your feet together.
  • Straighten your arms and now slowly rise your body and slowly bend over.
  • This is a best workout for free for the upper body.
  • Do 8 to 10 reps and increase the reps day-by-day.
Push-Ups Workouts

Push-Ups Workouts

Bent Knee Crunches:-

  • Settle in soldier sleep position and bend your knees.
  • Place your hand behind your head and pull your elbows back.
  • Now, slowly rise your body toward your thighs and slowly fall back.
  • Remember exhale as you raise your body and inhale as you lower your back.
  • This workout routine should be done 10 to 20 reps and two to three sets.
Bent Knee Crunches Workouts

Bent Knee Crunches Workouts


  • It’s a good ab workout for serous and beginners too.
  • Lay back your body on the floor. Lean back your arms on the floor behind you.
  • Now, slowly raise your torso, hand and feet at a time to meet each other.
  • Hold in this position for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Do this move 10 to 12 rep and two to three sets.
V-Ups Workouts

V-Ups Workouts

All these moves are great for build muscles and burn fat in your body as part of your workout routine.

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