Can A Simple thought Heal your Headache

Simple thought Heal your Headache

They say,” the ultimate intention of life is to be happy and healthy”. It’s the month of love and romance, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. You look around and you see chocolates, hearts and flowers to give your soul happy vibes. A romantic gesture from loved ones always makes feel happy, and happy brain feels more energy and has better experience. New research suggests simply remembering a happy moment is enough to help to relieve headaches.

According to new research on migraines, positive thinking has a healing effect on migraines and headaches. In the study, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School performed research on 66 migraine sufferers.
They were given pills in 6 envelopes, each containing a pill to be taken after the next 6 migraine attacks. Two were labeled with a common migraine drug, 2 had no label, 2 were labeled “placebo”. Pills were later secretly switched to see the difference in relief in pain as the expectations changed by noticing the labels. It was observed that the effect of the drug was similar to that of placebo, showing that a positive mindset helps in boosting the power and efficacy of drugs. An expectation changes the function of your brain, so own the responsibility of your wellness and give yourself the power of happiness.

According to the book, “All is Well” by Louise Hay and Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, headaches and migraines are often associated with chronic thoughts related to invalidating the self. Seek the help of modern medicine to control acute symptoms and completely heal yourself by changing the negative thoughts.

There are many types of headaches like –

• Tension headache
• Migraine
• Cluster headache
• Trigeminal autonomic cephalalgia(TIA)

Few tension headaches can last from half an hour to 7 days. Chronic headaches can lead to stress and depression, which in turn can aggravate more episodes of headaches.

Symptoms of headache

• Constant pain or feeling pressure on both sides of the head
• Aching pain at temples or in back and neck
• Tension headaches are different from migraines, in later you may experience throbbing pain. Migraines usually start on one side of the head. Pain in migraines is more severe as compared to tension headaches.
You can easily treat your headaches at home with the help of a few lifestyle enhancements. Try to make them part of your daily routine.

• Meditation

No wonder why the popularity of meditation is increasing recently. It is a process of voluntarily training your mind to focus and direct on positive thoughts. Meditation for 15 – 20 minutes is the best gift you can give to yourself. It will help in energizing you, it enhances peace and happiness in life. It not only increases your awareness but also enhances your concentration. Researches also suggest the benefits of meditation in increasing pain tolerance. It helps in reducing stress and controls anxiety.

• Deep breathing

Oxygen is amazing empowerment for your body and brain, conscious deep breathing helps in disempowerment of negative thoughts. It also increases your brain function and helps in boosting your immunity. Diaphragmatic breathing aims at filling your lungs and body with oxygen, it not only alleviates stress but also aids better blood circulation. Deep breathing helps in releasing toxins, it purifies vital organs and has a calming effect in any situation. Deep breathing also known as belly breathing helps in feeling energized and improves your digestion. It also regulates your body weight and improves posture

•Reduce stress

Replace the negative involuntary thoughts with positive activities like chanting, listening to good music or exercising. Do not aim to be good in every activity of your life, to be skilled in many areas is good but not at the expense of your health. Love yourself and your limitations. Rewire your brain with positive affirmations, acquire new ways of thinking and wellness.
Focus on the good in life and appreciate the available facilities. Focusing on good around you is an amazing habit, it helps in acknowledging the happiness in life.

• Drink adequate water

Water provides energy, it flushes out toxins from your body and boost your immune system. Water is vital for brain function, it prevents dehydration which can lead to headaches.

• Healthy diet

A rich diet with sufficient nutrients always helps in keeping your brain healthy. A healthy diet can protect you from frequent episodes of headaches, certain vitamins and minerals help in controlling inflammation and blood pressure. Food rich in omega 3 fatty acid like-salmon, soybean, walnuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, basil, canola oil, Brussels sprouts, seaweed, and spinach helps in reducing inflammation.

Adequate potassium also helps in fighting inflammation, it also fights dehydration. Many fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in potassium, like – potatoes, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, peas, zucchini, pumpkins, leafy greens, eggplants, and cucumbers.

So, next time when you have a headache, instead of popping that pill give yourself peace of mind and help yourself with positive thoughts.

Dr. Reena Prajapat
Dr Reena Prajapat is a dentist, she post graduated in hospital management from Apollo Institute of hospital Administration, Hyderabad. Her strong belief in natural and home remedies lead her to Pursue bachelor in naturopathy.