Build Your Immunity By Healthy Cooking Methods | Best Way To Cook Healthy To Build Immunity Against Cold And Viral Infection

Right Intake For Strong Immunity

Although, a regular intake of eating vitamin C rich food, fresh fruits and vegetable increase immune system and ability to fight against bacterial & viral infection and keep your body healthy.

Build Your Immunity By Healthy Cooking Methods

Build Your Immunity By Healthy Cooking Methods 

Apart from this, there is a lot of prebiotic & probiotic, mineral, zinc and other nutrient-rich superfoods that equally help to fight our body from infection. Only vitamin C alone does not increase immune system. Vitamin A, D, E and zinc also play a similar role to build immunity. Most important to know the healthy way to cook food that makes immunity strong.

Right Intake Food For Strong Immunity

Super Food To Build Immunity System

  • Some foods are rich in zinc like seafood, lean meats like chicken and turkey, whole grains, nuts and milk.
  • Yogurt, kefir rich in natural probiotics and probiotic found in beans and whole grains.
  • Foods that rich in vitamin D are Mushroom, egg yolk, oatmeal.
  • Food that rich in antioxidants found in leafy and colorful vegetable, fruits, honey, nuts and sunflower seeds.
  • Healthiest Methods To cook Food For Increase Immunity
  • Healthy cooking and healthy eating help to fight our body from illness. By overcooking, oily and fried food destroys its nutrients but if the food will be cooked right way, our body gets
  • complete nutrition, which helps to boost immunity, so let’s see the right way to cook food. 

Pressure Cooker:

The method of cooking in a pressure cooker is always healthy, as it can preserve nutrients more than any other methods and the food is cooked in a short time, so it is the best way to preserve nutrients. You can cook foods and vegetable by using less oil which also helps to make us healthy. 


Stir fry is another right way to cook food because your body gets the complete nutritious by way of cooking food and vegetables In this method, vegetables are cook in a very least amount of time this helps in maintaining the nutrients of vegetables. Cut the vegetable in small pieces, pour little oil in the pan and must be in high flame, stir the vegetable continuously with a spatula so that the vegetable cooks quickly and all the nutrients remain in them. Stir-Frying helps to boost immunity


Steaming is the one of the easy and top healthy cooking methods to build immunity, as the methods of steaming at a constant flow of heat can cook all food evenly, the nutrients remain in the food. Steaming healthy cooking methods to build immunity


Baking is another oil-free food preparation method that helps to boost immunity. This cooking method reduces the fat content from the food and conserve the nutrients. Our body gets complete nutrition from baking food.

At the bottom, almost all foods have its natural nutrients, some rich in vitamins, some foods are rich in fiber, but if the cooking method is right, the nutrition of the food remains intact which reaches our body and make us healthy. Now to boost immunity, you do not need to apply an extra effort,  follow these healthy cooking methods to build immunity.

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