Best Tips to Control your Anger

There is a proverb stating “oneself anger is oneself enemy’. We are listening to this proverb since our childhood from our elders. It is absolutely correct. With anger we unintentionally increase our enemies. Angry in one second also would collapse you. It may lead to unexpected problems. Most of the people in all over the world would get anger at any point of time. We can’t expect when they get angry. It is absolutely depends on their mental condition. But getting anger frequently leads to mental illness.

mental illness

mental illness

Most of us who get frequent anger would face mental related problems. Unfortunately they do not know that they are suffering with mental illness. They assume themselves that anger is not a problem and anyone gets. When you are angry you can’t do anything. Anger is a barrier that stops you from doing anything. If you get angry, anxiety, fury you are the person that spoiling your life and your career. In order reach your goal you should eradicate your anger and fury. They would be your real enemies that do not let you to do something to get success in your life.

Negative Opinion

Frequently if you show anger on anyone they may have negative opinion on you. In future they may not consider you. They may not assist you later. They won’t share anything with you.

How to control anger

There is a remedy for controlling anger in you. That remedy is obviously you because you do not need any counselor for controlling anger. You can easily control your fury and anger.

Whenever you get angry take a long breath. Definitely this would work. While doing breath exercise you would forget you anger, this is one type of technique to control. Count numbers from 1 to 10. This is also the best remedy to control your anger.

control your anger

control your anger

Whenever you suffer with anger and fury it is better to not talk with anyone. If you communicate with anyone when you are in angry there may be wrong opinion on you and your relationships may be damaged. If you want to say anything to someone when you are in angry do not communicate with them until you control your anger.

Listen to your music or do the things whatever you like. They would definitely eradicate your fury. If they are not possible sit silently for a while. There would be change in you after sometime. There would be more relationship break ups when you are in fury. The words which hurt them can’t be revoked. So, be careful when you are with family and your beloved ones.

This is contemporary and technological world. This generation is very fast when we compare to old generation. For surviving in this new techno world we have to adapt this generation and we have to follow this generation. Then only we can achieve anything in our life

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