Best Home Remedies to Cure Mouth Ulcers

A canker sore (mouth ulcers) is generally a fairly temporary misery. When you consume the food,
your mouth feels pain due to the inflammation and swelling. Some sores are appearing in the mount, which are in small red colour.
This causes the pain. So, this is canker sore. These can be present in any place in the mouth.
There is no restriction to appear in the mouth. Why this situation comes, due to lack of vital vitamins in the body. So,
you need to use multivitamin supplements in this case. You can try the home remedies to cure mouth ulcers for better results.
The home remedies will reduce your pain, inflammation and swelling.

Home remedies to cure Mouth ulcers

Home remedies to cure Mouth ulcers

Baking soda:
Make a solution with the baking soda and warm water.
Swish inside the mouth with this solution and spit out after a few minutes.
To get relief from the ulcers, try this method three times daily.

Take warm water and mix baking soda in the water.
Make a paste with the ingredients.
Press on the canker sore with this paste by using a cotton ball.
Let it be to get dry.

-Baking soda with slat
Take baking soda in a glass and pour some warm water.
Mix sufficient amount of salt to this warm water.
Swiss it for a few minutes and spit out.
This method aids to combat the bacteria inside your mouth.

Baking soda with slat

Baking soda with slat

Hydrogen peroxide:
Take a bowl and blend two tbsp. of hydrogen peroxide and mix two tbsp. of water.
Make a paste with the ingredients.
Now take a cotton ball and dip it in the solution and apply the solution over the sore.
Leave it to be for ten minutes.
Don’t swallow the solution.
Mixture of antacid and antihistamine:
Diphenhydramine also called as Benadry.
Take one part of Benadry and mix it with antacid to make a solution.
Swish the solution and spit out.

Ice chip:
Gently rub the ice chip on the sore for few minutes.
It cures the inflammation and swelling.

Chew a few pieces of coconut three times a day.
Apply the coconut oil on the sore.
Coconut causes to increase the cough so avoid the coconut people who are suffering from the cough.

Other remedies:
Use yogurt daily for your convenience. It is good remedy.
Squeeze the vitamin E capsules to form oil.
Apply the oil over the sore.
This method will change in the pH level in your mouth.
It reduces the bacteria in the mouth.

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