Beauty and Health Benefits of Yogurt

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Some of the people hesitate to take milk or lactose intolerance in order to feel allergy. Yogurt is a rich nutrient for such people to take as alternate to milk. Yogurt well be digested fast compared to the milk. So, you need to know beauty and health benefits of yogurt.

Home remedies for beauty  yogurt

Home remedies for beauty yogurt


Beauty benefits of yogurt

For Bone and teeth:
Yogurt has calcium, which sharps the strength of bones and it prevents from the heart diseases.
Reduce the Cholesterol:
Yogurt stops the bad cholesterol and lowers the blood cholesterol.

Mineral absorption:
Yogurt is the rich source of Lactic acid, which aids in increase the minerals absorption in the body and it removes the intestinal absorption issues in kids.
To reduce skin infections:
You can treat the skin infections by following regular application of yogurt that combats with the infection causing agents and cleans the skin.

Health home remedy yogurt combats

Health home remedy yogurt combats

Sun burns:
Zinc present in the yogurt gives you relief from the sun burns. Apply yogurt on the affected regions and retain it to be for five minutes. Then rinse off the area.
Works as a moisturizer:
Whenever you apply the yogurt on the hair, it works as a hair moisturizer in order to turn the dry and life less hair to shine. And it reduces the split ends of the hair.
Good properties:
Yogurt has some proteins including natural milk, zinc and lactic acid. These proteins perform their properties for hair properly. These properties strengthens the hair and lowers the dull and dryness.
For foot care:
A few drops of lemon extract
Take some lemons and make lemon extract. Mix the both ingredients well and make a mixture. Now apply the mixture on foot and retain it to be for twenty minutes to dry. Wash it after twenty minutes. Whenever you feel your foot is rough and dry, you can follow this method. Even you can remove your tan, zits, dark circles and uneven tone with yogurt. It fights with the acne to reduce the scars.

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