Anemia: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Diet

Anemia is a condition which appears when your blood does not get enough red blood cells or hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the principal protein of red blood cells which binds oxygen to it. On the off chance that you have excessively few or anomalous red blood cells or your hemoglobin is low, the cells in your body won’t get enough oxygen. Side effects of anemia – like weakness – happen in light of the fact that organs aren’t getting what they have to work appropriately.



They are certain points to keep in mind:

Certain types of anemia are innate and newborn children might be influenced by the season of birth.
Ladies in the childbearing years are especially vulnerable to iron-deficiency anemia in light of the blood misfortune from the period and the expanded blood supply during pregnancy.
Most of the elderly and grown-ups additionally may have a more serious danger of getting anemia due to improper diet routine and other therapeutic conditions.

There are many sorts of anemia. All are altogether different in their causes and medications. Iron-deficiency anemia, the most well-known sort, is exceptionally treatable with right intake of food and iron supplements. A few types of anemia – like the mild anemia that creates amid pregnancy – are even viewed as ordinary. In any case, a few sorts of anemia may exhibit long lasting medical issues.

Signs and Symptoms Of Anaemia

They are different signs and symptoms for the different type of anemia. The general symptoms are:
Shortness Of breath
Pale skin color
Fatigue or weakness
Improper heartbeats
Mild to severe chest pain
Prone to cold weather which causes coldness of hands and feets
Mild to a severe headache

Causes Of Anemia

They are around 400 hundred types of anemia, which are divided into three types:
Anemia caused due to loss of blood
Anemia caused due to the improper production of red blood cells.
Anemia caused due to destruction of RBC’s

Function of Red Blood Cells

Our body makes three types of blood cells as follows-
White blood cells-They function is to fight with the foreign particles and also fight infections.
Platelets- They help the formation of a clot.
Red blood cells- They function is to carry oxygen in the body.

Function of Red Blood Cells

Function of Red Blood Cells

So, Red blood cells contain an iron-rich protein called hemoglobin which imparts a red color to the blood and also help in carrying oxygen in the red blood cells from lungs and heart to different parts of the body.

Different Types Of Anemia Are

Iron deficiency anemia- This type of anemia is caused due to loss of blood due to heavy menstrual bleeding, ulcer, cancer and use of over the counter drugs such as painkillers eg, aspirin.
Vitamin deficiency anemia: Notwithstanding iron, your body needs folate and vitamin B12 to create enough red blood cells. An eating regimen ailing in these and other key supplements can bring about diminished red blood cell creation.

Anemia of chronic disease:

Certain ailments —, for example, tumor, HIV/Helps, rheumatoid joint pain, kidney ailment, Crohn’s illness and other incessant incendiary infections — can meddle with the creation of red blood cells.

Aplastic anemia:

This uncommon, life-debilitating anemia happens when your body doesn’t create enough red blood cells. Reasons for aplastic anemia incorporate contaminations, certain prescriptions, immune system illnesses and presentation to dangerous chemicals.

Anemias caused by bone marrow infection: Various infections, for example, leukemia and myelofibrosis, can bring about anemia by influencing blood production in your bone marrow. The impacts of these sorts of growth and malignancy like issue differ from mild to life-debilitating.

Hemolytic anemias:

This type of anemias appears when red blood cells are destroyed than bone marrow can supplant them. This type of anemia can be inherited or develop in later stages of life.

Sickle cell anemia.

It develops by a defective type of hemoglobin that strengths red blood cells to accept a crescent (sickle) shape. These sporadic blood cells die abnormally, bringing about an endless lack of red blood cells.

Treatment For Different Types Of Anemia

Iron Deficiency anemia- It can be treated with the use of iron supplements and intake of iron rich fruits and veggies.

Treatment For Different Types Of Anemia

Treatment For Different Types Of Anemia

Vitamin Deficiency anemia- It can be treated by regular consumption dietary supplements and also with increased consumption of vitamins rich food.

Anemia due to Chronic diseases- There is no proper treatment for this type of anemia. In fact, doctors treat the underlying disease.

Aplastic Anemia- This type of anemia can be treated by blood transfusions and also with bone marrow transplant.
Sickle cell Anemia- It can be treated with administration of oxygen, use of pain relievers, and also by oral and intravenous infusions which helps in relieving pain and prevent further complications.

Thalassemia- The treatment of this type of anemia can be done by blood transfusions, by removal of spleen, folic acid supplementation and also blood and bone marrow transplant