Analysis and Nutrition Facts For Potatoes

Potato dish is one of the most significant dishes found in India. Most of the people like to eat potato. Doctors say that there are many advantages of potatoes if you consume in perfect manner. Do you know nutrition facts for potatoes? Let’s know about the facts.

Facts For Potatoes

Facts For Potatoes

Daily Dose of potatoes:
You can’t consume 40 gm of potato daily without having second thought. There is no big difference in measurements of this food. It’s just a myth consuming potato can harmful for people who have diabetes and obesity.

Sources of potato:

  • 100 gm of potato contain;
  • Energy – 97 kcal
  • Proteins – 1.6 grams
  • Fat – 0.1
  • Carbohydrates – 22.6 gms
  • Iron – 0.48 mg
  • Vitamin C – 17 mg
  • Dietary fiber – 0.4 gm

Reasons why we should eat potatoes:-
Carbohydrates in potato;
Potatoes contain easily digested carbohydrates. It has high nutrients as well as provides natural energy. Complex carbohydrates (starch) are good sources of potato. When compare to bread which is in equal weight, carbohydrates are two times lesser than to bread. Potato is fully packed with minerals, B group vitamins, Beta carotene, and vitamin C and quality proteins. Protagoras contains amino acids which are helpful to protein structure in 7 percent. The body doesn’t make these amino acids itself.

Fats in potato:
Fried potatoes, boiled potatoes with gravy or potatoes with butter and cream can produce fat ingredients. So boil potatoes only without adding other ingredients. Then there is no fats matter.

Potassium in Potatoes:
Potatoes have more potassium higher than bananas and sodium is very low. Potato has the capability to glucose percentage in blood compare to bread and rice. But if you would like to eat potato, then you should consume low-calorie foods. Consuming potato can reduce your hypertension because they packed with anthocyanins.

Medicinal values in potatoes:
Raw potato has the abundance of medicinal values. If you eat potato, it can help you in curing indigestion, ulcers, liver diseases, bladder stones and constipation. Potato juice helps you to cure your common digestive problems. It acts as a good antacid which neutralizes the stomach acidity.

Medicinal values in potatoes

Medicinal values in potatoes

Potato protection:
Potatoes are high in vitamin c, B6, and iron. It contains antioxidants also. Potato can heal cells in the body and protects the body from harmful toxins.
How to eat potatoes in healthy manner?

  • You just avoid eating fried potato, potato with butter and potato with other curries. You can have by boiling, grilling, roasting and baking.
  • People who would like to eat spicy foods, let the oil is to be mixed with spices then boil them with water. Now you can have it.
  • You should eat potato without peeling, because it continua fiber, flavonoids, and other nutrients. Finally eat potato without fats, salts and calories.

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