Amazing Tips to Survive Monsoon Maladies

Monsoon Maladies:

Many cities have barely experienced rain falls and people across the country are being affected by monsoon diseases, especially flu and cold. Generally human beings fall sick whenever there is change in the weather conditions. Seasonal changes also disturb the balance of the body and paves way for many viral diseases like cholera, typhoid, etc. So, let’s see a few tips to survive monsoon maladies.


Poor hygiene is one of the major causes of all kinds of diseases. Failure in maintaining proper sanitation may make you fall sick, especially during monsoons. People avoid taking bath due to cold weather and these kinds of people are prone to fall sick. Water also gets contaminated during rainy season. So, drink purified water or drink only boiled water. Mosquitoes are another major problem during this season. They cause many diseases like typhoid, cholera, malaria, etc. Also ensure that no water is accumulated in your surroundings because mosquitoes lay eggs in the water that is snot moved for a few days.



Foot Care:

Wash your feet whenever you step inside your home, because your foot may have puddles and infections. They get into contact with the feet when you go outside when rain is pouring down. So, always keep your feet dry and pedicure is necessary during this season. If you don’t wash your legs then you may spread infections to your family members, especially to small children.

Bath With Hot Water:

If you are drenched in rain then take head bath with hot water to remove infections from the body. Wash your hands cleanly before you eat or drink water, because our hands contain many germs that may bring our health down.

Tips to Survive Monsoon Maladies Bath with Hot Water

Tips to Survive Monsoon Maladies Bath with Hot Water


Climate change makes our bodies weak and our bodies are prone to much kind of diseases due to fall in the immunity levels. Consuming C-Vitamin can improve immunity levels and thus keeps all diseases at bay.


Lemons, Oranges, etc have loads of C-Vitamin and having them in plenty can keep us healthy. Partially or uncooked food should not be used definitely during monsoon. Include fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, etc in the diet. Having nutritious food keeps us active and cuts down effect of diseases. Consume hot and fresh food during monsoons. Don’t show any negligence in terms of fresh food consumption and avoid outside and unhealthy food, because we cannot trust ingredients and water used in outside food. It may cause food poison and makes you fall sick. Home food is the best food during monsoon.



Pepper, cloves, ginger, tulsi, turmeric, etc are best home remedies available for us. Asafoetida is most commonly used during this season to keep infections away. If you fall sick consult a doctor immediately and follow his prescription without fail. Preparing food using pepper will keep cold and flu at bay.
Follow these simple tips to keep yourself healthy especially during monsoons. Making slight adjustments will keep you fit and helps in leading a happy life.

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