A Powerful Anti-Cancer RevealsBy Australian Scientists

Research by Australian scientists revealed that our immune system stays alert every moment against cancer cells, and they further assume that cancer cases would increase by 50% by 2030. Cancer….the disease that is causing most of deaths worldwide.

Powerful Anti-Cancer

Powerful Anti-Cancer

Researchers from Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Melbourne admitted that our immune system works all day long to prevent the entry of these deadly cancer cells into our body, and help identify them in the initial phase and eradicate them. According to their research, immune B-cells that are in our immune system transforms as B-cell lymphomas by undergoing recurrent changes. But our immune system eradicates them before all this process takes place. They (researchers) are optimistic that if diagnostic tests are made available to identify the B-cell lymphomas by applying their research results, identification of cancers in the very initial stage would be possible.

Their research results also throw light on prevention of cancer. These results are building new hopes among cancer patients. So a powerful anti-cancer is invented. On the other side, United Nations Organization asserted that the cancer cases would increase to 2.36 crores per year by 2030, which is 50% more compared to the new cancer cases in the year 2012. Furthermore, it is presumed that death toll would reach 1.3 crores by 2030 which is now 82 lakhs per year, according to UNO.

World Cancer Day-background:

Over the last few years, there is a substantial increase in cancer cases and it (cancer) is a single contributor for most of the deaths rather than any other. In this context, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) of Geneva in 2008 announced February 4 as World Cancer Day. The main aim of this institute is to slow down the rate of new cancer cases by 2020. UICC comes up with a theme every year to create awareness and educate people around the world and organizes various programs with the help of voluntary organizations.

World Cancer Day-background

World Cancer Day-background

The theme of UICC this year is “Debunk the Myths.” Lung, abdominal cavity, liver, large intestine and breast cancers are the cancers that cause most of the deaths, according to statistics. The probability of dying from cancer is 30% more in the persons with high BMI (body mass index), having diet lacking fruits and vegetables, without having much physical work, smoking/chewing tobacco, and drinking alcohol. Tobacco itself leads to the deaths of 22% of cancer patients and 71% of the lung cancer patients. It should be noted that lung cancer cases alone are 13% among all the cancers.

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