6 Week Diet Plan for Your Health

Taking food and dieting are two different things. The people who suffer with extra weight will always consume food by counting the calories. They’ll be fear of fatty foods. Maintaining a strict diet is possible every time. That’s the reason we brought you a six week Diet Plan. Here, no need to count the calories or fat amount. Just enjoy the food by making it in different way.

  • Add protein to your food: Proteins are the major elements in building muscle to our body. It also helps in proper maintenance of metabolism. Chicken, fruits and vegetables are rich in protein. Consume skinless chicken regularly in your diet. If you’re mere interested in non-veg, try eggs. These contain high amount of protein and all necessary vitamins. Don’t forget to take fresh fruits in every meal of the day.
Add Protein to Your Food

Add Protein to Your Food

  • Finish your snacks with nuts: Though nuts contain high calories and fat. But, they’re rich in protein too. Nuts also contain essential antioxidants and fibre which enhances the digestive system. Take a cup of almonds or peanuts as evening snacks. Even a peanut chocolate bar will also do the job. Remember; don’t consume nuts which highly salted.
  • Avoid dairy products initially: Dairy products contain high calories and fatty acids. It is advised to avoid these items initially for 3-4 weeks. Later you can consume low fat milk or butter.
  • Say ‘No’ to processed food: Processed food is not good for health, as they lose their natural properties. This food is not fresh and it’s bad for your appetite. Stop consuming foods like finger chips, fries and other junk foods. Taking fresh food is all-time advisable. The freshly prepared food will contain all the essential nutrients that are required for your appetite.
Say ‘No’ to processed food

Say ‘No’ to processed food

  • Drinking water will do half job complete: Consume lot of water. It provides sufficient moisture and removes toxins present in the body. Make drinking water as a permanent habit. It digests the food that you consume failing to drink water will make adverse effects. Apart from drinking water, also consume fluids like fruit juices, water with honey etc.,
  • Make your dish Nutritious: vitamins, proteins and other are essential proper body functioning. Make sure to add all nutrients in your each meal. These will help you in burning the fat and gaining new energy. Eat protein bars whenever you’re late to lunch. If required consume calcium tablets, that helps in bone strength.

Thus, apart from these six week diet, don’t forget to exercise regularly for better results. Physical exercises make your body to burn unnecessary fats and give you desired shape. Taking proper diet is not alone will do the job, unless you practice to exercise.

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