Your Smart Friend Might be the Reason to Neck and Shoulder Pain

Last week while I was travelling in a bus, I’m not surprised to see the youngsters- busy with their smart phones. One guy who sits beside me is busy in playing an action game in his Tab, another one engaged in texting and a girl browsing very seriously. Shopping malls, restaurants, bus stops and what not? These scenes are very common where ever you go.

Your Smart Friend might be the reason to Neck and Shoulder Pain

Your Smart Friend might be the reason to Neck and Shoulder Pain

A few days later I went to hospital to meet my friend Suresh who is an orthopedician. But I was surprised that so many youngsters are awaiting his appointment. After completion of OP (out patient) appointments we went for lunch. I could not stop my curiosity and asked Suresh about the young patients who came for treatment. He gave very interesting and lengthy reply which touched all issues related to ‘Text Neck’.

People who work more with computers like software professionals, bank employees, especially youth who addicted to smart gadgets are at high risk. Parents also worried about their children, said Suresh. Today, many young people and employees are suffering neck and shoulder pain from spending too much time over smart phones and computers. The reason might be surprising but it’s true. People using them for different purposes like texting, gaming and browsing. There is nothing wrong in it, but use it in a right posture, he added.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and Shoulder Pain

He further explains the reasons and tips to avoid such problems. Go on to read to know about ‘Text Neck’.


  • Most people adopt a look down and forward head posture while texting or playing games. This will cause discomfort in joints and result in pain. This posture adds an extra weight on the vertebrae of the lower neck. This will cause degenerative disc disease.
  • Every inch of forward head posture will put an extra weight of 4.5 kgs on spine. This will cause severe pain in neck and shoulders areas.

A Few Tips to Reduce the Risk of Text Neck:

  • Change your posture from time to time.
A few tips to reduce the risk of text neck

A few tips to reduce the risk of text neck

  • Place your phone at proper angle towards eye level, so that you can look at the screen in a comfortable way rather than bending your neck.
  • Take a break for every 20 or 30 minutes. Use the phone in front your mouth to talk.
  • Go for a walk and do some stretching exercises that relax your neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Avoid stressful positions that cause strain to your muscle and joints while you are working with smart gadgets. Good posture keeps your bones and joints in proper position.
  • Strengthen your neck, rhomboids, back extensors, and latissimus dors, in your workouts.
  • Maintain hydration by drinking water plentiful.
  • You can use chat with your family members and friends rather than prolonged talk.

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