Get a Sparkling Smile

A good smile is an index of good appearance. Smiling is a great art too, which is a special gift for mankind. The colour of the teeth will play prominent role in your smile. Even though you’re smiling from inside heart, your bad breadth and yellowish teeth make your smile even worst. Maintaining healthy teeth will give you sparkling smile. Today we’re providing you the tips to ‘get a sparkling smile’. Scroll down to grab the tips on good smile.

Sparkling smile

Sparkling smile

Brushing: Yes, you might think that you’re doing this activity from the childhood. But there is a lot of difference in just brushing and proper brushing. Here the way of brushing; keep the tooth brush in the angle 45 degrees to your teeth and brush smoothly in up and down motion. Never brush the teeth hardly in back and forth movement, it will hurt the gums badly. Brush twice a day for better mouth care. Wash the tooth brush cleanly to remove the germs in it. Don’t forget to change your brush every two months.

 Get a Sparkling Smile Brushing

Get a Sparkling Smile –  Brushing

Avoid Bad Breath: Bad breath will make you suffer with various problems. Make a habit of using good mouth wash solution to remove the gems present in the mouth.

Maintain clean Tongue: This is very important aspect for mouth care. Clean your tongue without fail after brushing the teeth. The upper part contains the large number of germs. Make you of soft tongue cleaner to clean the tongue, as it’s a sensitive part tense to cut.

White vinegar for white teeth: Take a half glass of vinegar and garlic your mouth with it. Do this activity regularly and you’ll definitely feel the change.

Use cooking soda: Cooking soda contains the natural antioxidants that kill the micro germs present in the mouth. Doing this regularly will give you fresh breath and white teeth.

Use Cooking Soda

Use Cooking Soda

Floss with care: If you’re having a habit of flossing the teeth, do it in a proper way. Don’t floss the teeth in hurry it may hurt the gums which lead to bleeding. Choose a soft thread for flossing the teeth.

Light Lipstick: Shading the lips with bright and dark coloured lipsticks will degrade the whiteness of the teeth. Make use of light colours.

Go fresh: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables also good for oral care. Chewing these will increase the natural agents in mouth and cleans the plague present in teeth and as well as on tongue. Eating fruits like guava, carrot and cucumber helps in cleaning the mouth and whitening the teeth. Apart from eating, consume lot of water and fruit juices that gives necessary vitamins to the body.

Say no to dark drinks: Consuming alcohol, black tea, black coffee and other soft drinks will affect the colour of your teeth. The chemicals present in these items will darken your teeth.

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