Natural Home Remedies for Foot Pain

The tendonitis is an irritation and inflammation of the tendon, which is the tissue that attaches with muscle to bone. It is regarded as a painful, serious and persistent problem, which is caused by walking, running or doing a job that requires too much standing. Then it causes to excessive strain.

Home Remedies for Foot Pain

Home Remedies for Foot Pain


  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Irritation
  • Weakness in the leg
  • Sharp pain
  • Tenderness

If you are experiencing symptoms of food tendonitis, initially you can make a few home remedies for foot pain. If you feel the pain heavily, it is very important to consult the doctor for proper treatment.

Oil massage:

  • For this remedy, you can choose olive oil, which is the very effective for the removal of pains.
  • Now, take two tbsp. of olive oil and heat it on small fame.
  • Massage your feet with the warm olive oil for few minutes.
  • It will stimulate the blood flow, ease the pain and make you feel comfort.
  • If you continue this process, you’re palm will calm down.

Ice pack:

  • Many are using this process today.
  • Take some ice cubes and crush them.
  • Keep the ice cubes in a bag and wrap it with a cotton towel.
  • Apply the bad on painful region for a few minutes.
  • This process will give relief to your painful feet.
  • It will reduce the swelling and inflammation.
  • Follow this process many times for better results.

Warm water with Epsom salt:

  • Take some water in a big bowl.
  • Heat the water in a small flame until it becomes warm.
  • Add Epsom salt to this warm water.
  • Now soak your feet in the warm water for fifteen minutes.
  • This process gives amazing effect on the pain.
  • Try this process only once in a day and after your feet moisture.


Home Remedies for Foot Pain Warm Water With Epsom Salt

Home Remedies for Foot Pain Warm Water With Epsom Salt


  • You can use follow up this process with warm water and cool water for better results.
  • Take some water and heat it until it becomes warm.
  • Add some vinegar to the warm water.
  • Take a cotton cloth and dip on the vinegar water.
  • Apply on the feet for few minutes.
  • Now take cold water and add vinegar to the water.
  • Apply the vinegar water on the affected area.
  • Both are really effective for the painful foot and inflammation.
  • Follow up this process after moisture the feet.


  • Flour is the easily available ingredient in the market.
  • You can easily make the process in your home.
  • Take flour, wine and make a paste with these ingredients by mix them well.
  • Apply the paste on the feet and retain it to be for thirty minutes.
  • This process helps to speed up the healing and in fighting with the pain.

Due to having natural diuretic properties, intake of asparagus leads to the flush out of the additional water.

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