Natural Home Remedies for Congestion Relief

Are you suffering from allergies, flu and cold? Keep in mind that such issues lead to sinus pressure in order to serious problem which is nasal congestion. Actually it’s not a big issue but prevention is better than cure. If you feel literal pain around the head and nasal region you will more bearable with nasal congestion. Many of the people suffering from the issue that gives a critical condition.  You can choose both the choices either medicines or home remedies for congestion relief. Herbal medication is one better choice. You will not get any side effects with the home remedies.

Home Remedies for Congestion Relief

Home Remedies for Congestion Relief

You will get instant relief, if you have sufficient ingredients in your home as per your requirement. If you are suffering from cold with unsuitably climatic condition, the nasal passage will become inflamed in order to feel irritation in your nasal passage. With the help of nasal passage and throat, flush out the unwanted mucus quickly. Dry is one of the solutions to feel comfortable with runny nose.

Home remedies:
Steam breathing:

  • Take a bowl and pour full of water.
  • Heat the water and open your face in steam.
  • Cover your head with the help of a towel to stop the water escaping.
  • Due to breathe vigorously, you’re nasal will open instantly.
  • You are problem will solve within in minutes.
Home Remedies for Congestion Relief Steam Breathing

Home Remedies for Congestion Relief Steam Breathing

Nasal saline spray:

  • Make unmediated salt water at home which can be used as Nasal saline spray.
  • This is an ideal method to get free from nasal congestion.

Water consumption:

  • If you want to fell free from nasal blockage, take an attempt of your mucus by drinking water as much as possible.
  • So drinking water is always helpful to you.


  • Humidifier or vaporizer is one of the solutions at your home to cure your problem easily.

Moist nasal passage:

  • During the nasal congestion remedial action, the irrigation procedure will sound really odd.
  • Water will wash away all mucus obstacles present in nasal passage.
  • But use only distilled or boiled water to restrict the bacteria in the passage.
  • This is the ideal method to get rid of all allergens present in the nasal passage.

Warm compressor:

  • Try this method which is really it will help you relieving from discomfort face.
  • Place a warm or wet towel on your face and use it as a compressor.

Pillows technique:

  • Place two pillows while sleeping.
  • This method would help you get relief from breathing discomfort.


  • Avoid chlorinated swimming pools which are not advisable to swim.
  • Because you will get irritation while swimming in the pool.

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