Hand & Foot Care Strategy: Get Happy Hand And Feet Naturally

Many time due to changing seasons such as dry air, extreme cold or heat or over uses of chemical soap our skin become damaged, in such a situation, we take care of the face but times do not pay attention to hands and feet, they are responsible for ruining the entire beauty.  Hand & Foot Care Strategy: Get Happy Hand And Feet Naturally

To get a happy hand and feet, people use different types of expensive creams available in the market, whereas you can get rid of this problem by adopting easy home remedies at home.

Foot Care

So Let’s Have A Look At Some Natural Remedy For Hand & Foot Care Tips.

Natural Remedy For Hand & Foot Care Tips Natural Remedy For Hand & Foot Care Tips

Strategy For Natural Hand Care 

  • Using olive oil is the best solution to get a soft and beautiful hand as it has sufficient healthy fatty acids and antioxidants works to soften dry hands and keeps moisture your hand in hands in all season.
  • Oatmeal also very effectively cures dryness and roughness of hands. Daily using oatmeal acts as a natural cleansing so that the skin remains soft.
  • Using coconut oil is great for dry skin, it contains a unique blend of fatty acids that works to treat the hands that have been burn with overheat or sunlight.
  • The use of aloe Vera is also very effective as it maintains the moisture of the skin and creates a layer on the hands, which prevents the hands from being affected by external factors. Strategy For Natural Hand Care

Natural Tips For Treating Dry And Cracked Feet

  • Aloe Vera and tea tree oil- The combination of Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera acts with intense healing benefits for cracked and hard heels. Tea tree oil actually reduces scaling and itching, while aloe vera hydrates the skin and stimulates tissue growth.
  • Lavender and Peppermint- A mixture of lavender oil and peppermint oil are an effective remedy for foot care. Lavender helps to soothe and relax irritated skin while the antimicrobial properties of peppermint stimulate your foot and prevent its odour. These two ingredients amazing work together to treat your cracked heels, now no more walking on your fissure-affected heels.
  • Glycerine and Rose Water- When it comes to the treatment of cracked heel, glycerine is just like a miracle that heals your cracked heel and dry feet very quickly, lock the moisture of the skin completely soft and keeps that moisture for a long time. It is also used as a moisturiser in many places. To use it, first clean feet in lukewarm water with soap, so that the entire dirt is cleared and wipe the feet with a clean towel and then apply raw glycerine on them. 

Natural Tips For Treating Dry And Cracked FeetYou can also take glycerine and rose water for cracked heel treatment. Mix equal amount glycerine and rose water well and apply it on the feet and crake heels, gently massage them until it absorbed. Do this every day before going to bed. This method works very quickly, and within a few days, your heel becomes soft and moisture.

Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Both hands and feet are responsible for maintaining our good health and beauty. So, do not forget to take care of them, as you do not need to spend much time and money on this, all the remedies mentioned will be found in your kitchen, just use them properly to maintain your overall beauty.

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