Foot Hygiene Tips: Keep Your Feet Healthy In Monsoon

Most of us usually forget to take care of our feet with regards to skincare. Whereas in the rainy season, our feet have to bear rainwater odour, wet soil, mud and moisture cause itching, fungal infection, ringworm and rashes on the feet. But, by following some helpful guidelines, we can keep our feet completely safe and healthy  during rainy season.Foot Hygiene Tips: Keep Your Feet Healthy In Monsoon

Find here some helpful tips to protect your feet from infection this monsoon

Keep Your Feet Healthy In Monsoon

Foot Hygiene Tips: Keep Your Feet Healthy In Monsoon

#1. Must Clean Your Feet After You Get Home

After you get home, you must take a warm bath to remove all the dirt accumulated on the skin as well as clean your feet thoroughly. Apply a mild moisturizer and remove excess oil from the skin. This prevents breeding of bacteria, nasty problems like smelly feet, rainwater odour, germs and infections. Must Clean Your Feet After You Get Home

#2. Moisturize Your Feet Before Sleeping

Just like our face, we should also wash our feet every morning and before going to bed. So make it a habit to wash your feet with water and soap and dry them thoroughly. When the feet are dry, apply enough moisturizer to your feet so that the feet remain healthy and beautiful in rainy season.

#3. Foot Scrubbing

Exfoliation can helps to keep the feet healthy during the monsoons. Exfoliating the feet clean and removes the dead cells and makes the feet soft. To scrub the feet simply, soak your feet in the water for 15 minutes, add some shampoo, salt and lemon into it then wash your feet using the scrubbers (pumice stone) removes clean dead cells and all the dust particles and make them soft. You can also scrub your feet by mixing oatmeal and olive oil massage the mixture onto your feet, then rinse off with cold water. Foot Scrubbing

#4. Clean The Toenails

Avoid long nails as they may lead to attracts dirt and bacteria. Clean the toenails twice a week and keep them short if possible. It removes the dirt from the feet and makes the feet beautiful. Clean The Toenails

#5. Avoid Wearing Closed Shoe

Wearing closed shoes for a long time during the rainy season is more likely to breed bacteria as these germs favour moist and enclosed environments. Wearing open-toed shoes will keep the feet dry and healthy, which also reduces the chances of infection in your feet.

#6. Place Your Shoes To Dry In The Sun

Wear wet shoes and sandals only after drying in the sun because there is a high risk of bacterial growth in wet shoes and slippers. Drying shoes in the sun removes their moisture and bacteria and keeps the feet healthy. So keep your shoes and slippers moisture-free whether, it’s leather, fabric or suede, clean them with a duster brush and keep them out in the sun.

Moreover, there are so many ingredients available at your home which keep your feet healthy during the monsoon season. Clean the feet properly with soap water, scrubbing twice a week, moisturize regularly and must apply oil massage can protect your feet from the nasty smell and fungal infection. 

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