Food Habits to Lessen Stomach Bloating

Stomach Bloating is a common issue in which the abdomen feels awkwardly full and tight. It affects between 10 and 30 per cent adults. Due to some bad food habits and lack proper care, lot of health issues will attacks. So you need to take proper care in your daily routine. This condition leads to gastric disorder, which is very dangerous problem. In this hustle bustle lifestyle, it entails the uneasiness.

Food Habits to lessen Stomach Bloating

Food Habits to lessen Stomach Bloating

Due to heavy gas accumulation, improper digestion, water deposition, formation of acid stomach bloating arises. Thus, you need to follow up the food habits to lessen stomach bloating.

Lemon & Warm water:
Liquids are very essentials especially during the stomach bloating. Some of the people tend to give up the liquids but these are very important.

Two tbsp. of lemon juice
A glass of warm water

Take the ingredients above mentioned and mix them well. Now drink the solution. It maintains your bloating stomach from screaming. Drink this solution in the early morning for better results.

Fiber food:
Fiber foods are really helps to digest the food. Then bloating will be gradually concealed. Cucumber, beans, asparagus and many more foods contains fiber.

Use low fat, sugar free and plain yogurt for better results. Yogurt contains good bacterium such as bifidobacterium and lactobacillus. These lessen the stomach bloating issue by inducing proper digestion.

Excess amount of sodium could a cause for the stomach bloating. Restaurant food contains excess amount of sodium, which takes the shelter of water in the body that leads o bloating. To balances the sodium and potassium levels in the body, Banana is the ideal food, which gets the rich quantity of potassium. Take this food with oatmeal and in a fruit salad.

Food Habits to lessen Stomach Bloating  Bananas

Food Habits to lessen Stomach Bloating Bananas

Cucumber contains high water and fiber content that stimulates the digestion process and increases the urination. Then it turns the bloating sensation. It is the belly savior.

Herbal tea:
According to the recent studies, peppermint can anti-pain channel in the stomach. So take a cup of peppermint tea for instant relief, which gives muscle relaxation and, muscle contractions.

Raw papaya contains papain, which is white-milky substance. It helps in perfect movements of the bowels. The fruit has lot of healthy benefits. So, take the fruit slices or make a juice with the slices and have it.

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