Most Effective Ways To Remove Facial Hair

You have seen dark thick hair growth on lips, chin and jaw and neck, which is commonly known as unwanted hair. This is very embarrassing to women who feel painful to remove unwanted hair. Many are looking for methods to remove their unwanted hair growth. Now, we are going to discuss about most effective ways to remove facial hair.

Facial Hair Removal Methods:

If you want to remove your facial hair, Tweezing is the best method; currently many are using this method. Buy good tweezers and stand in front of a mirror. Then remove the skin hair with tweezers. With the help of this method, you can remove stray eye brow hairs and scattered hair on nipples and stomach also.

Facial Hair Removal Methods

Facial Hair Removal Methods

Some of the women are suing this method to remove the hair from arms and legs. But it is not a good solution because it can’t be removing from root. Hair comes again after some time.

Hair removal creams are not always good. It will leads to side effects to the skin. Stay away from creams which may cause reactions.

Laser treatment:

  • If you think tweezing, waxing, shaving methods are not effective, you can choose laser treatment, which is very expensive.
  • Tweezing is the ideal method for removal unwanted hair. You have to pluck the hair with tweezers in this method. This is less painful. ‘Electrolysis tweezers’ is a new method, which is using by current pass to uproot. Electric tweezers can be used in this method.

Effective Tweezing ways:

  • After tweezing, you can rub ice on redness
  • Good quality tweezers
  • After the hot bath, you can use this for better results
  • You can pull gently near the hair
  • Bright light presence
Effective Tweezing ways

Effective Tweezing ways


  • Most affordable method of hair removal
  • Control over individual hair
  • Perfect for eye brow shaping
  • You can use anytime
  • Decreases the growth of hair on your face
  • Get rid of extra hair on upper lip


  • Slow method
  • Not suitable for all areas in the body
  • Painful process
  • Skin inflamed after tweezing
  • Causes ingrown hairs
  • Causes pitting and scarring
  • Causes tiny bumps
  • You have to wait for six weeks. Then only you can get better results with minimal side effects. If you can use this method properly, you cannot get any side effects. Even it does not cause hair to develop back thicker.

Being tweezing, brush the hair in natural growth direction, then you can get the idea about extra hair.

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