Home Facial: 7 Steps To Get Fabulous Skin Cleansing- Exfoliate- Steam- Massage- Mask- Serum- Moisturizer

Every woman desire to get beautiful and glowing skin, but it is not always possible to go to the parlour/salon for this, so here you can do your facial treatment by following these easy steps, and yes, the best thing is that you do need to go out of the house. Of course, you will have beautiful, gorgeous looking skin!  Home Facial: 7 Steps To Get Fabulous Skin Cleansing- Exfoliate- Steam- Massage- Mask- Serum- Moisturizer

Before starting the facial, tie your hair well and secure it with a hairpin. You can use a hair band to cover hair and wash hands thoroughly….

Home Facial: 7 Steps To Get Fabulous Skin 

Step 1- Cleanse

First and foremost step for your home facial is to cleansing. Cleanse your face to remove any dirt, makeup before you start your facial. Wipe off your makeup residue from the face using cleansing wipes. Use an oil-based cleanser or any essential oil such as coconut or olive oil to massaging cleanser or oil on your skin. Then wet your fingers with water and massage for a second time for a minute or two. This will help get rid of dirt and give you a clean slate to work.Home Facial: 7 Steps To Get Fabulous Skin

 Step 2- Exfoliate

 The next step is to exfoliate. Exfoliating skin with a mild scrub to remove dead skin cells, shine the skin and making it brighter. Take a little face scrub in your palm and applying small section of on your face and neck. Gently rub with fingers upward- outward or in a circular motion for 3/ 4 minutes. If scrub feels dried while rubbing, add little water to moisten it. Use oatmeal scrubs and masks for oily skin. Coconut and coffee scrubs are best for dry skin, Splash lukewarm water to scrub off. Exfoliate Skin

Step 3- Steam

Steam is the third step to your home facial. You can take steam with a home steamer, it softens and loosens pore-clogging debris. It also increases blood flow to the skin, and hydrating because it brings a lot of moisture to the skin. Home Facial Steam

Fill a bowl with hot water-not boiling water. Place a towel over the head, lean your face over the bowl and enjoy the steam for 5-10 minutes.

 Step 4- Massage

Massage on the face increases blood circulation, reduces plums on the skin and fine lines and wrinkles giving a youthful look. Take a teaspoon of massage cream and, massage your cheeks, forehead and chin and another part of your face in a circular motion with your palm for 5 minutes. Don’t forget to massage your neck. Facials Massage

 Step 5- Face Mask

Another step for your facial is to apply a mask. Always choose a face mask based on your skin type. Choose hydrating face masks for dry skin and clay mask is perfect for oily skin. Apply a smooth thin layer on your face and neck. Avoid the skin around the eyes. Face Mask

Step 6- Serum

The serum is a great product for the skin that contain elements like antioxidants, peptides, vitamins A, C, E and retinol. The serum is an adjunct to skin problems such as wrinkles and pigmentation. Take 3-4 drops of serum, apply it to cover your entire face and neck.Benefits of Peptides - Reduce Erythema

Step 7- Moisturizer

Moisturizing is the final step for your at-home facial. Applying moisturizer after facial will hydrate your skin, ensuring that it does not eliminate pores or leakage. Start with the neck, then move towards your face. Always use a moisturizer according to your skin condition.

Homemade Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Proper facial care keeps your skin healthy and rejuvenated. Now you can easily give the right facial care to your skin at home.


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