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Eyes are the important organs in our body. And also they are the most sensitive organs among all parts of the body. It’s necessary to keep our eyes healthy. When ask about the eye protection, most of the people say that they are protecting the eyes by keeping sunglasses and washing with water. This type of activities will give minimal advantages. The emersion of electronic gadgets changed our lifestyle drastically. The continuous contact to computer screen make your eyes tired and it might lead to eye sight. However, here we are giving you the idea about how you can protect your eyes naturally.

Most of the people are not much aware of this eye exercises. We’ll teach you how it works. Sitting continuously in front of system is not good for your eyes. The radiation from computer screen will make your eyes dry.

Follow 20-20-20 exercise, during the working hours give a break for every 20mins, see an object continuously which is 20 feet’s away from you for 20seconds. This gives muscles that presenting in the eyes to stimulate and finally relaxes.

Wet the eyes:
Due to air pollution and dust that present in the environment make the eyes to irritate. Wash your eyes in regular intervals of time. Use cold water while washing this makes your eyes to refresh.

Whenever you feel dryness in your eyes, just take two pieces of cucumber and place it on the eyes. This fruit gives necessary moist and soothes the eyelids.

Wet The Eyes

Wet The Eyes

Diet for eyes:
The intake of necessary nutritious food gives better results in maintaining healthy eyes. Vitamins like A, C and E are help in improving the eye sight. These are richly available in carrots, beetroot, eggs, fish and dairy products. And fruits like kiwis, squash, cantaloupe, cranberries, papaya, olive, wheat germ, vegetable oils are rich in vitamins A, C and E.

Consume Fluids:
Drinking water is the primary aspect in both health and beauty terms. Drink at least 4-5litres of water everyday. Sufficient water moistures your skin and prevents from dry skin. Carry a bottle of water when you’re in outside and don’t forget to consume water. Not only water, drink fruit juices of different fruits. Fruits contains almost all the nutritious elements, they gives you a fresh look. Consumption of lump sum water gives necessary moisture to the eyes and keeps you hydrated.

Consume Fluids

Consume Fluids



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