Trendy Hairstyles For Men

In last few years, we have seen a tremendous change in men’s hairstyle. Not only the dress and accessories but also hairstyle plays a major role in appearance.

Hairstyles tell a lot about a person. Hairstyle should be according to hair texture, facial features and length of the hair. Hairstyles aren’t just important for women, they are equally essential for men. But men give less importance when compared to women. To our surprise men are showing special interest to have different trendy hairstyles.

Slick Hairstyle

This is one of the best hairstyles for the men today. This style involves short hair with side parting and cropped sides. It generates a neat and tidy appearance to men’s hairstyles. Anyone can adopt this hairstyle, no matter what kind of hair they have, thick, thin or curly.

Slick Hairstyle

Slick Hairstyle

Close Razor Short Crop

This style involves a crew cut on the sides while leaving some length on the crown. Simple styling products such as setting gels and waxes may be used. This ideal hairstyle is for cool guys who like to look stylish.

Straight Shag

This involves medium length hair and is ideal for men with strong jaw lines. The cut comprises of long hair in the front and medium layers at the back. A shine serum is all that one needs to maintain the look.

Straight Shag

Straight Shag

Sportive Men Hairstyles

To achieve the sportive look create volume at the base of the hair and in the upper side areas with a round brush. The indication of a side partition lets the bangs fall to both sides in an asymmetric way. For a casual look slightly part on top of the head and comb the top hair sideways and forward. Add some gel into the hair, it not only smooth and texture the hair, it also brings a lot of shine.

Scattered Layers

Trendy heavy bangs lie across the fore head. The sides and back have been clipped up into a fade around the ears. Use a gel or a heavy lotion while blow drying.

Long Asian Men’s Hairstyle

This hairstyle has straight jagged lines that are chopped and textured into irregular locations to flip up. Some of the hair stands out and the rest is styled into smooth shag. Spraying a light fixing gel in trouble areas will increase your success when you blow dry.

Mohawk And Buzzed Sides

This look stuns with it’s barely three sides and the buzz cut neckline from where the graduated ridge slowly emerges to its apex at the forehead. Soft stubble of face hair is a fun addition and the styling brings out a feathery, spiky texture for even more visual impact.
Gelled back hairstyle is commonly used by guys now.
Gelled side parting might seems to be old but professional people prefer this.
Shaved, Braided and Disheveled are some of the other popular and stylish trendy hairstyles that boys prefer.

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