The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream: Which One To Choose According to Your Skin type

The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream

If you are the one who frequently use makeup you may know about BB creams and CC creams available at the stores. These creams are typically used next to traditional foundation and other facial makeup.

If you are wondering the difference between BB creams and CC creams this article will update you about the same.The Difference Between BB Cream And CC Cream: Which One To Choose According to Your Skin type

BB cream or CC cream can be used as foundation, concealer, moisturizer, primer, highlighter, as well as sunscreen depending its ingredients.

Both BB and CC creams are multi-tasking products that simplifies the makeup routine as well as saves money and time. BB Cream And CC Cream

However, BB cream and CC creams have some differences that are discussed below in this article.

What Is BB Cream?

BB means ‘blemishes balm’ or ‘beauty balm’.

The BB cream conceals the minor blemishes and gives a light makeup look. The ingredients used in BB creams are mostly used in skin care. This means that not only the cream screens your imperfections but also takes care of your skin. What Is BB Cream?

Most of the branded BB creams have following ingredient:

Mineral SPF such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide

Skin protecting such as antioxidants and vitamins

Brightness for example licorice root and niacinamide.

Moisturizers such as glycerine, panthenol, ceramides and hyaluroni acid.

Skin firming agent for example hydrolyzed collagen and peptides.

What Are The Benefits Of BB Cream?

One of the most important benefits of BB cream is that it keep the skin hydrated. This is why it is best suited for dry skin. Also, it has an emollient texture. The Benefits Of BB Cream

* Please note that the SPF used in BB cream may vary. It is recommended to wear a sunscreen if the BB cream has a lower SPF.

What Is CC Cream?

The CC cream is similar to BB cream but it gives more coverage. CC means‘complexion corrector’ or ‘quality control’. It can treat discoloration such dullness, redness, under eyes, hyperpigmentation, acne, scars and uneven skin tone.What Is CC Cream

What Are The Benefits Of CC Cream?

CC cream focuses more on anti-aging properties. Also, it shares most of the properties of BB cream. In comparison to BB Cream CC cream has a light consistency and have a fluffy, whipped and matte finish.

Let us now learn which cream you should choose according to your skin type.

For Oily Skin:

CC cream has matte texture. In comparison to BB cream it is less likely to slide and slip on your skin. Thus, CC cream is best for oily skin. While choosing a CC cream make sure to look for oil free formula along with mattifying ingredients such as charcoal, little clay and silica.

For Dry Skin

BB cream contain hydrating properties. This is why it is best suited for dry skin. While buying a BB cream for yourself look for ingredients such as panthenol, glycerine, hyaluronic acid and ceramides.

Acne Prone Skin

If you have acne prone skin better choose CC cream as it is lightweight and is less likely to promote breakouts.

The light deflecting particles in CC cream hides redness, tiredness, and dullness.

Comparing BB Cream And CC Creams To Foundation

Foundation gives you a skin coloured makeup and evens out your skin tone. Also, it is ideal to cover discoloration such as hyperpigmentation and redness.

However, in comparison to BB creams and CC creams, foundations are heavy and provides more coverage. It lacks skin friendly ingredients. If you are using foundation, you still have to wear moisturizer, sunscreen and primer underneath. Comparing BB cream and cc creams to foundation

CC creams are advertised as all in one foundation, moisturizer and sunscreen. It has added benefits as colour correcting. Most of the CC cream not only protects the skin from sun damage but also have anti-aging ingredient such as antioxidants, peptides and Vitamin C. The reason for you to choose BB cream as your base is that it gives a natural and light look. It is easy to apply BB cream with your fingers and the product melts into your skin leaving a fuss free makeup. CC creams and BB creams

Both CC creams and BB creams are modernized and revamped tinted moisturizers and are chosen according to your skin type.


Dr. Ritu Kumari Gupta
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