Waxing Bumps: Causes, Remedies and Prevention

What Are Waxing Bumps?

Waxing bumps are inflamed reactions on the skin that appear after waxing. When hair removed through waxing, it causes stress to the skin thereby leading to inflammation and mild bumps on the skin.Waxing Bumps: Causes, Remedies and Prevention

Even though they may not be immediately harmful, it is advised not to ignore them for too long. If they don’t subside in 2-3 days, try some remedies to get rid of waxing bumps on the skin.Bumps On Skin After Waxing

Causes Of Waxing Bumps

Hair usually resides in the hair follicles present on the skin. These hair follicles are stressed and forcibly pulled out when waxed. The basic body response due to this stress is occurrence of inflamed skin commonly called as waxing bumps.Causes Of Waxing Bumps

Waxing bumps usually occur immediately after waxing and subside in 2-3 days. However, if you develop bumps after the initial inflammation, this may be due to ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs can also cause round bumps that resembles acne. Waxing Bumps After Waxing

Home Remedies for Waxing Bumps

Bumps after waxing can be easily treated with some simple home remedies. The ingredients used in these home remedies can be easily found in your kitchen or at the local pharmacy. Listed below are some easy to make natural home remedies to treat waxing bumps. Waxing Bumps & Home Remedies for Waxing Bumps

#1. Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is an excellent remedies to treat bumps after waxing. Sugar scrub can be made mixing half cup of sugar with half cup of olive oil or coconut oil. This sugar scrub has exfoliating properties and helps sooth skin irritation caused due to bumps. Sugar Scrub - Home Remedies for Waxing Bumps

#2. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and help instantly cool down the irritation and inflammation caused due to bumps. If you want to get rid of waxing bumps in no time, Aloe vera is a great remedy.

Aloe Vera

#3. Hazel Extracts

Although not easily available, hazel extracts from witch hazel is an excellent remedy to treat bumps after waxing. It has powerful antiseptic and astringent properties that instantly reduce the rashes on the skin. Dip a cotton pad in pure hazel extract and apply on the affected area 2-3 times a day. 

#4  Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree essential oil can also serve an effective remedy for waxing bumps. Since oil can sometimes clog the pores on the skin, use tea tree oil only if the waxing bumps don’t subside after 2-3 days. Tea tree oil should be diluted with coconut or olive oil before applying on the affected areas.

Tea Tree Oil

5# Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider has natural antiseptic properties that instantly help treat bumps caused due to waxing. Dip a cotton pad in apple cider vinegar and apply on affected areas 2-3 times a day.

Apple cider vinegar

How to Prevent Waxing Bumps

You may be surprised to know that waxing bumps can be prevented easily. Listed below are some simple preventive measures to reduce the occurrence of bumps after waxing. How to Prevent Waxing Bumps

Immediately After Waxing:

  • Wear loose fitting clothes to avoid skin irritation
  • Avoid applying creams, lotions, or any perfumed products on the skin
  • Apply cool compress on the skin after waxing
  • Avoid excess activity after waxing as sweating can irritate freshly waxed skin

Two To Three Days After Waxing

  • Avoid perfumed products or chemical based creams and lotions
  • Wear loose fitting clothes to avoid skin irritation
  • Apply over the counter cortisone cream to decrease inflammation

If the bumps do not subside despite all these treatment methods, observe your skin for any signs of infection and visit your doctor immediately. Bumps usually don’t surface at every waxing session. However, if you are experiencing bump after every waxing session, you may want to consider changing the waxing product or speak to your beauty specialist about it.


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