These Zinc Oxide Sunscreens provide Better Protection Against UV Rays | Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen For Your Face

Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen For Your Face

A sunscreen with zinc oxide only protects your skin against sunspots, harmful UV rays, and damages. As sunscreen is must for your daily skincare routine, whenever you choose sunscreen or sunblock, make sure it contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These Zinc Oxide Sunscreens provide Better Protection Against UV Rays | Best Zinc Oxide Sunscreen For Your Face

If you are wondering which one can be the perfect Zinc Oxide Sunscreen for your skin, here are some of our top selections of the best affordable Sunscreen with Zinc Oxide. You can choose any option of them according to your skin type.

These Zinc Oxide Sunscreens provide Better Protection Against UV Rays

#1. Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch Broad Spectrum Spf 50 (Best for Sensitive Skin)

Tested by dermatologists, sweat and water-resistant Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Dry-Touch Broad Spectrum is 100% zinc oxide sunscreen that gives a completely dry, non-greasy finish. Designed with PURESCREEN technology, it offers a better photostable broad spectrum UVA /UVB protection.

Pros: Perfect for sensitive skin, Suitable for face and body, Fragrance-free and alcohol-free

Cons: Leave a bit of white cast 

#2. La Shield Pollution Protect Mineral Sunscreen Gel Spf 50 (Best for normal to dry skin)

The combination of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide La Shield Pollution Protect Mineral Sunscreen Gel offers superior broad-spectrum protection technology from UV rays. It dissolves in the skin immediately after applying sun-based sunscreen, enhance skin’s natural and leave it soft and supple.

Pros: Oil-free and suitable for all skin type, Increases fairness, anti-sweat, lightweight, alcohol and paraben-free, Anti-ageing effects

Cons: None

#3. Cetaphil Sun Spf 50 Light Gel (Best Overall skin type)

If you are looking for a sunscreen with zinc oxide with SPF 50 Light Gel, then it’s the best solution for everyday wear. Enriched with aloe vera, Vitamin C offers great to protect the skin from both UVA, UVB rays. This photostable filters gel-based sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin to help smoothen looks. It is ideal for anyone looking to take a dip in the pool or the sea. Cetaphil Sun Spf 50 Light Gel (Best Overall skin type)

Pros: Sweat and water-resistant, Fungal acne safe, excellent for oily skin    

Cons: Quite expensive, Leave a white cast and looks greasy

#4. The Derma Co. Pure zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel (Best for sensitive, acne-prone skin)

This lightweight mineral gel-based sunscreen is very effective in broad-spectrum protection safe for anyone with oily, sensitive acne-prone skin. Pure zinc matte sunscreen gel has SPF 30 of the Dermi Co. is best for summer heat protection that gives a matte finish, even in humid weather. It is the ideal sunscreen to avoid your skin from darkening in sunlight.  The Derma co. Pure zinc Matte Sunscreen Gel (Best for sensitive, acne-prone skin)

Pros: 100% natural zinc oxide, Very light on the skin, Prevent pigmentation

Cons: None

#5. Reequil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen Gel Spf 50 Pa Uva (Great for all skin types kin)

With lightweights water and sweat resistance, this sunscreen can be applied before makeup to get a smooth texture. Whether you have sensitive or oily or acne-prone skin, it is great for all skin types and protects skin in humid regions. Its clinically proven active ingredients in this sunscreen are highest UVA protection gives safe and effective results to the skin. Reequil Ultra Matte Dry-Touch Sunscreen Gel Spf 50 Pa Uva (Great for all skin types kin)

Pros: Provides non-greasy and dry touch, Removes the excess oils, Velvety dry touch  

Cons: None

Sunscreen or sun block is the only way to avoid harmful sun rays like tanning, pigmentation and other skin problems. A sunscreen formatted with zinc oxide is an effective physical way that blocking the sun rays and provides the skin with a strong shield against UVA and UVB rays.

Priya Singha
Priya Singha: Priya is a freelance writer with an experience of 4+ years of her writing career. She pursued her Masters from DDU, Gorakhpur. She is very passionate about writing and is fond of writing short articles and blogs. She even has worked for several companies. Writing articles in the field of Health & Fitness, Beauty, Home Remedies and Travel are some of her most interested topics and brings out the best in her.


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