Natural Homemade remedies to cure Pimples


Most of the people having the experience of pimples on the face that is very common
issue especially in teenage. Many of them follow some chemical things to treat the
pimples. But it’s not a good thing. To avoid this problem, you can make homemade
remedies to cure pimples that are an effective thing. Follow these simple remedies and
make your face is very beautiful.

Ice cubes remedy:
Do you know the effect of ice cube? It disappears you pimple and reduces the redness
and inflammation. So, apply ice cube on pimples and get pimple free beautiful face.

Toothpaste remedy:
Use your daily toothpaste to treat the pimples. Before going to the bed, apply the
toothpaste on affected area. When you observe in the early morning, your pimple on
the face reduced in size.

Homemade Remedies to Cure Pimples

Homemade Remedies to Cure Pimples

Garlic remedy:
You can use garlic in two types: internal use and external use. Internal in the sense
consume, external in the sense apply directly. Take three garlic cloves and make them
smooth paste. Apply the paste on pimple region for several times in a day. Swallow
three cloves per a day will give you amazing health benefits. It purifies the blood and
helps to keep away the pimple.

Orange peel remedy:
Take orange peel and dried them under the sun. Then grind them to make powder.
Now take sufficient amount of water and mix it with Orange peel powder well to make
a paste. Apply it on affected region and allow it to be for some time. Rinse off the face
after sometime.

Orange peel remedy:

Orange peel remedy

With honey:
Honey has antimicrobial properties so it is an ideal choice to apply on pimples. Apply
honey over the pimple and band it with band-aid and before going to bed. When you
observe in the morning, you can find pimples dropped. Then rinse off your face and
moisturize it.
With Oatmeal:
Make oatmeal and apply over the pimple region. Retain it to be for ten minutes. Wash
your face after ten minutes. The method helps to get soothing and effective results such
as remove the redness and inflammation.

With lemon:
Take a q-tip and squeeze the lemon. Apply the lemon juice over the pimples before
going to the bed. When you wake up in the morning, wash your face with plain water.
People who are not having sensitive skin, this is a good method.

With potato:
Take a potato and make it into some slices. Apply the slice over the pimples and relax
for ten minutes. This method helps to reduce the swelling and redness formed by the

Boil table spoon of vinegar and apply this solution two times in a day. People, who are
having sensitive skin, don’t apply this solution directly. Add two drops of water then
apply this solution.

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