Increase Collagen Level To Prevent Aging/ Wrinkles

Collagen is a skin tissue that functions like cement. When you start ageing, the formation of tissues decreases in the body. The lack of collagen then causes wrinkles to appear on the skin.Increase Collagen Level To Prevent Aging/ Wrinkles

Collagen is natural protein works for skin health, keeps our skin flexible and muscles strong. With age, the collagen stores slowly become depleted in the body, due to which skin becomes lose and losses its shine, start appearing wrinkles on the face. If there are no steps taken to restore the collagen level, wrinkle spread throughout the body, which leads to fine lines on the face, joint pain, hair loss and frequent nail breakage are faced.

Natural Way To Stimulate Collagen Levels In The Skin

#1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is another name of glowing skin. All citrus fruits, papaya, broccoli, green, leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins and they are an antioxidant that enhances collagen synthesis in our body. Vitamin C not only protects the skin damages but also helps in making collagen in our body. So you must include vitamin c rich food in your diet. Vitamin C - Natural Way To Stimulate Collagen Levels In The Skin

#2. Red Fruits And Vegetables

Red fruits and vegetables such as apples, strawberries, cherries, pomegranate, watermelon etc. In the same way, red vegetables such as red peppers, tomato, beets also help you fight to ageing. The antioxidant like lycopene substance helps in promoting the production of collagen in the body. Red Fruits And Vegetables - Natural Way To Stimulate Collagen Levels In The Skin

#3.Orange Fruits And Veggies

Vegetables and fruits that have an orange colour like carrot and oranges contain Vitamin A, which prevents collagen from breaking down and keep them ideal level. Orange Fruits And Veggies - Natural Way To Stimulate Collagen Levels In The Skin

#4. Meat and Fish

Meat is an important nutritional food that contains a high amount of collagen. Chicken, red meat, pork are rich sources of protein and collagen. Some fish scales are particularly abundant in collagen. Adding salmon and tuna fish may help to restore collagen in your body.

#5. Green Or Black Olives

As green and black olives are heavy with sulphur which increases collagen formation. In the past, sulphur used to treating skin-related issues and dandruff. This substance helps fight acne, skin clips and prevent blockage of your skin pores. Hence green or black olives play a big role in helping you stay healthy.

#6. Gelatine

It’s made of a protein called gelatine, which found in bones and tissues of animals. Consuming gelatine can help your body supply collagen, which helps prevent wrinkles. Foods like pork skins, pork, cattle bones and yoghurt rich in gelatine. Gelatine - Natural Way To Stimulate Collagen Levels In The Skin

#7. Anti-Aging Juices

Some fruit and vegetable juice is also promotes to increase collagen level in the body such as apple juice, beet juice, carrot juice, spinach juice, orange juice and pomegranate juice are rich in antioxidant that helps in the formation of cells.Anti-Aging Juices

 Additionally, Amino acids, Zinc, Minerals, Omega 3, and other nutrients are equally responsible for balancing the collagen level in your body, just replace your junk food with healthy food.

So if you want to look like 25 at the age of 35, then you have to take care of your collagen level, you have to include all the above foods in your diet regularly, which will promote to beautiful skin, toned muscles and strong bones.


Priya Singha
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