How to keep your Skin Soft and Smooth?

Skin Soft and Smooth:
During winter, your skin gets many difficulties when compared to other seasons. You need to take of your skin especially in winter due to the very low temperatures. This leads to many disorders like cracks on the skin, dry skin, and skin becomes small layered etc. There is no need to worry, all you need to do make sure to keep your skin soft and moist constantly.


Hydration keeps your skin soft, smooth and also young, so keep hydrated your skin by consuming liquids frequently. Due to high temperatures, your skin will become dry. To overcome this, increase percentage of water and oil in the body.

Hydration: Skin Soft and Smooth

Hydration: Skin Soft and Smooth

Moist your Skin:

Keeping your skin moisture in every season is quit common, but why you need to take care of your skin? Mostly skin becomes dry in winter compare to other seasons. Moisturizer helps greatly refrain from this issue.

Apply moisturizer:

If you’re not interested to apply moisturizer in the morning, you can apply it over the skin in the night. Take a few drops of oil and apply it on the face, hands and legs. Then it shows a good effect by penetrates your skin.

Skin Soft and Smooth: Apply moisturizer

Skin Soft and Smooth: Apply moisturizer


It is not advisable to use soaps which have disinfectant properties or alcoholic moisturizers. You can use soaps which contain glycerin good for the winter skin.


There is a risk of dried skin by hot water, so avoid bathing with hot water. Use lukewarm water for you shower as well as bathing is not good for longer.

Appropriate Wear in the Winter:

Your health also depends on your wear. That’s why wear cotton wear made with wool fabrics. You’re protected from winter skin illnesses by covering these clothes. Most people stand in the sun from warmth due to brunt of the cold, but there is a risk of skin becomes dry. It’s better don’t do outside in winter. If you need to go, it is advisable to wear sweater or jacket before leave out.

Appropriate Wear in the Winter

Appropriate Wear in the Winter

Winter Food Rules:

Dress is not only a solution for winter but also food plays a pivotal role for body health. In particular, you should take foods which are abundant in vitamins A, C and E regularly. Intake of minerals such as selenium and zinc improves the quality of your quality of your skin rapidly. You should eat essential fatty foods to protect the skin from from the intensity of the cold and dry. It is advisable to intake of fatty foods including flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, cloves, soybeans and green leafy vegetables etc.

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