Effect Of Blue Light On Skin | How To Protect Your Skin From Blue Light Damage

Effect Of Blue Light On Skin

Nowadays, people are exposed to blue light on phones or computers for long hours, which promotes harmful effects on our skin. A light emitted from the screen of your smartphone or your computer or laptop is called a blue light, which causes great damage to the skin. It occurs more harmful at night even it can impact your sleep cycle that keeping you awake for longer. Effect Of Blue Light On Skin | How To Protect Your Skin From Blue Light Damage

 So let’s see about the harmful effects of blue light on the skin—

The Harmful Effects Of Blue Light On The Skin

  • It promotes black/brown spots and pigmentation on the skin like melasma and breakdown skin collagen, which leads to wrinkles and skin laxity.
  • The rays of blue light can also disrupt the circadian rhythms of skin cells that can cause more skin damage over time, it can also affect your sleep cycle.
  • Excessive use of blue light also causes problems like fatigue, headaches and dark circles in the body.  The Harmful Effects Of Blue Light On The Skin   

How To Prevent Skin-Damaging From Blue Light?

Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum)

A good quality sunscreen with natural Broad Spectrum Extract maintain hydration while sinking cell damage by free radicals. If you do not get Sunscreen with blue light protection, you can use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide-based sunscreens, which gives great protection against blue light effects (inflammation and wrinkles) seen on the face. You can also apply homemade masks and creams to natural protection against blue light. How to prevent skin-damaging from blue light?

Use Topical Anti-Oxidants

Add anti-oxidants to your skincare routine to protect your skin from harmful blue light. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. Vegetables and fruits contain anti-oxidant, and vitamin E are beneficial for skin health.

Using antioxidant-rich skincare products can also help protect cells and reduce free radicals that caused blue light damage. Applying topical anti-oxidant skincare product can boost your skin’s defence against environmental damage.

Use Night Serum Or Cream

At night, use night cream or serum on your face can repair skin damage. Applying night cream or serum can also prevent skin damage from the effects of blue light. products or treatments that boost collagen production and prevent premature aging. How to prevent skin-damaging from blue light

Use Your Mobile Phone In Night Mode At Night

If your device has a night time mode option, switching on the yellow light can reduce your exposure and prevent skin damage from hazardous blue light. Use Your Mobile Phone In Night Mode At Night

Avoid Spending Long Hours In Front Of Digital Devices

Try to remove the digital devices at least half an hour before going to bed will help your brain develop melatonin levels, and it will help you fall asleep (sound sleep) sooner. Also, make sure to spend a lot of time on digital devices in daylight. You try to move your work desk near the window.

Moreover, the harmful effect of blue light is not just to damage one’s skin people who exposed to blue light more at night have a lower level of insulin production in their body which can lead to diabetes. Excessive exposure to blue light also leads to weight gain, heart disease, depression, and even risk of other diseases.

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