Cool Drinks For Flawless & Glowing Skin In Summer

As the summer season begins, our skin becomes sticky, sweaty and tanning due to rising temperature. On the other hand, people who want flawless and glowing skin make all efforts for it. Here this article brings some Cool Summer Drinks to Beat the Heat that makes not only glowing your skin but will also keep the body hydrated and healthy this summer season.

Cool Drinks For Flawless & Glowing Skin In Summer

Cool Drinks For Flawless & Glowing Skin In Summer

#1. Mint Lemonade Cool Drink

The most consumed drink in summer in India, lemonade or Nimbu Paani is immensely beneficial for health in many ways. As lemon has vitamin C helps in getting clear, healthy and glowing skin. You can make it at home as well. You can make it even more delicious by adding mint leaves with roasted cumin powder and black salt. Drinking it keeps the body refreshing in summer.

Mint Lemonade Cool Drink

Mint Lemonade Cool Drink

How to make Mint lemonade cool drink


  •  One Lemon
  • One cup mint leaves
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  •  ½ tsp black salt
  • ½ tsp roasted cumin powder


• Place 1 cup mint leaves in the mixer jar, add 2 tbsp sugar, and add ½ cup water and grind it until smooth.

• Now add ½ tsp black salt and ½ tsp roasted cumin powder, in the mint leaves mixture.

• Squeeze out the juice from lemons, mix it in mint leaves mixture, add one glass of chill water and stir well.

• Pour it into a glass and serve fresh mint lemonade, and you can add some ice cube into it.

#2. Coconut Water

When it comes to cool drinks for glowing skin, coconut is known for healthy fruit glowing skin as its anti-oxidant property prevents the signs of ageing, hydrates the skin, making it more supple in summer. You can drink it without adding any herb. You can store coconut water in the freeze for 2 to 3 hours to enjoy the chill and fresh drinks of coconut. According to a health expert, one should not drink more than one coconut water in a day.

Coconut Water

Coconut Water

#3. Cucumber Kiwi Mint Cool Drink

Both kiwi and cucumber juice is perfect for summers, rich in vitamin C with high water content detoxifies your skin by flushing out all toxins and makes it well-hydrated & super glowing in summer.
How to make Cucumber Kiwi Mint cool drink


• 1 Kiwi (peeled and small sliced)
• 1 Cucumber ((pealed and small sliced)
• Few mint leaves
• Crushed ice
• Black salt
• One tsp sugar /syrup


• Put kiwi fruit, cucumber and mint leaves with crushed ice in a blender and blend till the mixture smooth.

• Now add honey or sugar syrup, black salt, water and mix them well. If you want to make it sweeter then add some more honey into it.

• Strain the mixer using a strainer by pouring in glasses,

• Serve using kiwi slice and mint leaves.

#4. Watermelon And Strawberry Smoothie

Watermelon is a great way to stay hydrated, and strawberry is a great fruit for skin health. Blended with strawberry this watermelon promotes a healthy skin tone and protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.
How to make Watermelon And Strawberry Smoothie

Watermelon And Strawberry Smoothie

Watermelon And Strawberry Smoothie


• 2 cup of watermelon (small sliced and seed removed)
• 2 tablespoons strawberry crush
• Few fresh mint leaves
• 1 pinch black pepper powder
• 1 tablespoon lemon juice
• Black salt


Put 2 cups sliced water Malone (seed removed) in the freeze for an hour to make a chilled smoothie.

• Take add two tablespoons strawberry crush, mint leaves and all ingredients in a blender, and blend it to make a smooth thick mixture.

• Pour in a glass. You can also add more salt or pepper, adjusting the taste.

• Decorate the glass with lemon slice & mint leaves, and serve the delicious smoothies

#5. Lassi

Lassi is an ideal cooler drink in India, which quenches your thirst on hot sunny days. Its lactic acid content helps remove blemishes from the skin improve your skin’s texture, and good for your health.
How to make Lassi


• 2 cups fresh thick curd
• 2 tbsp powdered sugar
• half cup ice cold water
• half tsp cardamom powder
• 1 tbsp fresh cream
• few chopped dry fruits like almonds, cashews and pistachios


• Put 2 cups of curd in a large jug.
• Blend the curd using the hand blender till turn smooth
• Add tbsp of powdered sugar, add cardamom powder and ice cold water
• Then blend it again till a layer formed
• Now add cream and stir well to make the rich taste
• Pour the lassi serving jar and garnish it with chopped dry fruits.
• You can also serve chilled lassi by adding 2/3 ice cubes.

Priya Singha
Priya Singha: Priya is a freelance writer with an experience of 4+ years of her writing career. She pursued her Masters from DDU, Gorakhpur. She is very passionate about writing and is fond of writing short articles and blogs. She even has worked for several companies. Writing articles in the field of Health & Fitness, Beauty, Home Remedies and Travel are some of her most interested topics and brings out the best in her.


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