Best Summer Skin Care Tips

Everybody knows season is a division of year, divided based on the ecology, weather and hours of daylight. They are:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

These are positively helpful for people in sometimes as well as negatively affected in sometimes. You need to spend more time in outdoors in the summer time. Then your skin has maximum exposure to sun. It causes to skin damages and variety of issues including wrinkles, dark spots, tanning and skin cancer. Especially sports persons, they will play in outdoors more time without any precautions. But they need to take some precautions by knowing the summer skin care tips before going to the outdoors.



Impact of summer sun:
There are different regions in the world. Different regions have different atmospheres. So the skin of the people will definitely impact by residing in the particular region. Sunrays produces a dangerous rays called Ultra violet rays, which can be divided into three categories.

  • Ultra violet A
  • Ultra violet B
  • Ultra violet C

The Ultra violet A is in particular wavelength, which is concerned with the penetration on dermis. The Ultra violet B rays have affects the epidermis (upper layer of the skin). Sun burn issues arrive by the particular ray. The Ultra violet C has less damaging effect because it is having Ozone filtration process.
Do not expose your skin to sun:
Sun rays will come between the times 10 am to 3 pm heavily. So it is better to stay in the home in the particular time. Exercises or other activities are being done in the said above particular time.
Sunscreen Lotion:
When you want to go outside compulsorily, it will be mandatory to protect against sun. Before going to outside, you must apply sunscreen lotion on your face and hands. It will help your skin from the damage for more time.
Homemade toners:
By using the toner, you can keep your pores closed and cool effect. Buy a toner which suits to your skin type or make your own toner in your home. Ex: Rose water.
Water consumption:
Drink water at least 8 glasses in a day then only you can keep your body hydrated, especially coconut water which gives to your body a cooling effect. So keep drinking water for your hydration.
Face washing:
If you’re staying in home, you must cleanse your face twice a day. If you’re staying in outdoors more time, you must cleanse your face thrice a day. Choose a face wash which suits your skin type.
You must wear clothes that are made up of cotton fabric during the summer season. The cotton clothes absorb the sweat really well. Keep in mind that your clothes must cover every part of the body otherwise the sunrays will damage the skin. Wear a hat or keep an umbrella with you, before going outside during the summer.


skin care tips glowing skin in summer using caps,clothes and sunglasses

skin care tips glowing skin in summer

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