Natural Summer Foot And Hand Care Tips

Both foot and hand plays very important role in our life especially in our daily activities. Without hands and foot we cannot do any activity. So, we need to take care of our foot and hand. Especially in summer time this care is very important. We are affecting sun exposure in the summer time then our hand and foot are getting affected dust polluted. For this, there is some natural summer foot and hand care tips which can make you feel enthralled.

Apply Lotion On You Palm:

Weather in summer is very hot and quite dry, so use only light moisturizer in you hand. Rosemary extracts, peppermint and camphor or pine oil use as a moisturizers. Apply it on your palm smoothly and wait until it becomes dry. Then wash you palm.

Gripping your foot:

Grip you foot with hand. It is a proper procedure. Twist the feet with the same, if you are using towel in this treatment. Due to hydrate in the summer climate, twist you feet. It will help get rid of the pain. Due to long hour of standing, this is very useful method. Slowly pulling and releasing each toe finger and leave massage activity.

Long Stroking Motion:

During the summer time, long stroking motion is quiet effective when it is concerned about your food. Apply extra pressure to the arch. Two regions in the feet are prone to pains and tightness. It will provide great relief to the feet.

Long Stroking Motion

Long Stroking Motion

Pampering And Soaking:

Take some water and blend variety of ingredients in the water. For example, rosemary leaves, dozens ice cubes and few drops of tea tree oils. Now soak you feet in the water and allow it to be for thirty minutes. Take a towel and rub your feet vigorously. It is quiet important method today.

Pampering And Soaking

Pampering And Soaking

Exfoliate The Palm:

Some people are always tendency getting sweat. Avoid this problem to exfoliate your palm. Buy a branded scrubber or use a homemade scrubber in this treatment. Apply olive oil, which is quiet important. This method helps to get rid of the extra sweat from the palm and body. Use fruit juices, milk and earth fuller. These will give you relaxation and safe especially in the hot summer.


Use scrubs to soften your feet. These will get rid of scaly skin from your feet especially in the summer time. Avoid razor to peel out the scaly portion of the skin.

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