Natural Home Remedies to Cure Blemishes

Body Care:
Discoloured or marked regions on the skin called Blemishes. Due to boils, pimples or acne on the skin, these marks may develop. These are caused by injuries, age, sun burns, freckles or moles. So, follow up the natural home remedies to cure blemishes on the skin.

Ayurveda Home remedies:

Some home remedies are there called the doctrine of Ayurveda. It is an ancient Indian science healing. These can be made at home and completely natural. There are no side effects.

Milk with Almonds
Take some almonds and grind them well and now add milk to the paste.
Apply the paste on the affected region. This tip helps to clear the blemishes.

With potato
Take a potato and cut into slices. Take a slice and rub on the skin two or three times in a day. If the marks cause by suntan also be clear by this method.
With mint leaves
Take some mint leaves and crush the leaves. Now make a paste with this leaves. Apply the paste on the face. This method helps to remove the blemishes.

Natural home remedies:

Lemon contains Vitamin C, which is in discolouring the spots and lightening the skin. Blend the lemon with turmeric powder or honey, sugar and rosewater. Orange peel and a dried mixture of lemon are curing the blemishes.

Natural Home remedies to Cure Blemishes

Natural Home remedies to Cure Blemishes

Take some amount of honey and heat it on small flame. Apply the warm honey on the affected region to cure the blemishes. It is an ideal method to remove the microbes.

Tea tree oil:
Take tea tree oil and apply it on the face. It acts a s a anti microbial agent to prevent the skin from new blemishes.

Natural Home remedies to Cure Blemishes Tea Tree Oil

Natural Home remedies to Cure Blemishes Tea Tree Oil

Mix curd with oatmeal and make a smooth paste. Apply it on the face. It reduces any spot of the skin and help in making the complexion lighter.
Tomato juice:
Take fresh tomatoes and make a juice. Apply juice over the face. It gives bleaching affect. It acts as a toner for the skin to get rid of the facial blemishes.

Redlentils ormasoor dal:
Take some redlentils and add milk, honey. Mix them well and make a paste. Apply the paste on affected area. This method helps to get rid of the blemishes.

Sandalwood powder:
Take some sandalwood powder. Blend honey and rosewater to this powder and make a paste. Now apply the paste. This method gives glowing complexion and fair skin. This is an effective remedy, which can be use regularly.

Multani mitti or fuller earth:
This method has been used by women since centuries. So, this is an ancient method. Apply multani mitti on affected area. Multani mitti has magnesium that helps in reduce the blemishes. These are home remedies  to cure blemishes

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