How to Treat Severe Acne

Acne is not a major problem now-a-days. But it can be serious for some of the people which are suffering heavily. Excess of oil can be wiped out with the help of regular oil clearance from the face. When you notice acne is growing you need to take care of your skin with aggressive treatments. In such cases, a dermatologist will treat in effective way with the aggressive methods. The growing acne leads to disfiguring. Then you should take years of treatment procedure. With the help of a few home remedies you can treat simple acne but in some serious conditions you need to know how to treat severe acne. Various methods have discovered by industry experts who were very serious about the particular issue.

Treat Severe Acne

Treat Severe Acne

Methods to treat acne:

If you have acne is in serious condition, you must consult a doctor who is specialist dermatology. He only can treat your problem in different ways effectively.

They are:

  • With intralesional corticosteroid injection
  • Though oral contraceptives
  • Surgical excision
  • Though oral antibiotics
  • Isotretinoin
  • Drainage

Oral contraceptives:

  • Have you heard about the birth control pills?
  • With the help of birth control pills, a physician can easily treat acne marks on the skin.
  • In long term acne therapy, doctors would use oral contraceptives easily.
  • But this method is not recommended for smokers, people who are suffering from migraine, and blood clotting disorder.
  • For females, combination of spironolactone with oral contraceptives would be cure.

Surgical excision & drainage:

  • If a medication will be in effective way or if the condition would respond to the medication, acne cysts would be in large.
  • Then only extraction and drainage will be done in proper way.
  • In severe conditions only the above treatments will be done by dermatologists.
  • Under sterile condition surgery can be feasible.
  • Drainage and squeezing processes will lead to infection if a patient carries the processes himself only.
  • It can be done in the acne worsen condition only.
  • As a result, you need to be very careful with acne surgery.

Oral antibiotics:

  • Oral antibiotics have been used in the treatment of acne for years.
  • It is highly recommend by many physicians.
  • The main advantage of Oral antibiotics is not to find a specific disease which is subject wiped out.
  • Initially the suggested is dosage is quite high but gradually it will be reduced.
  • When acne is being resolving it nature, the recommend dosage is quite low.
Treat Severe Acne Oral Antibiotics

Treat Severe Acne Oral Antibiotics


  • Isotretinoin is a manmade synthetic retinoid which is available in the form of pill.
  • Severe conditions like acne cysts which can be used in better and broader because it is regarded as a potent drug.
  • Most of the people are suffering from four types of acne such as skin pores, inflammation, and production of excess oil.
  • It really works well wonderfully.

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