How to Apply Makeup during Winter Season

Upon all three seasons everyone apprehends when it comes to winter season. In winter our skin may get withered and pale. In order to protect our skin and beauty in winter we need to follow some tips. Are you interested to follow them? Then, come with us….

Makeup Tips

Makeup Tips

Polish Your Nails
It is recommended to use blackberry and copper color polish for your nails. This polish would darken your nails. It is better approach for the winter season and looks the best too.

Polish Your Nails

Polish Your Nails

Go for a Primer with Moisturizer
Primers are good products for makeup in winter season. Primer would act as a guard between your skin and makeup. Use Moisturizer before applying Primer and ensure apply primer after absorption of Moisturizer. Apply them when your skin becomes fade in winter season.

Bronzer for Glowing Cheeks
In winter it Is highly recommend to use a little amount of bronzer. It would help you to look blushing.

Use Sun Screen Lotions
Applying sun screen lotion to face in winter gives you glowing skin. It not only protects you from UV rays but also from winter cold.

Apply Concealer
In winter you may get some reddish spots throughout your skin because of smog and icy cold. Apply Concealer to those spots. After a few minutes, those reddish spots will be disappeared.

Lipsticks and Lip balms
Lipsticks and Lip Balms play an important role to protect our lips. In winter our lips may get hydrated. Sometimes there may be scratches to lips if cold increases. Apparently, most use red colour lipstick to lips. But there are various kinds of colours lipsticks are available in market for especially to use in winter season. Seasonal lipsticks would help us to protect our lips from cold. Dark lipsticks would look nice in pale lips.
If anyone may not use lipstick, it is better to lip balm. You can find many lip balm shades in market like red currant, honey and berries.

Lipsticks and Lip balms

Lipsticks and Lip balms

Use Mascaras
Highlight your eyes by using Mascaras to not to get affected the winter cold. If you are interested to use different colours then try shades like blue and purple.

To protect your eyes in winter season, try different shades of eyeliners. Recommended eyeliners to apply in winter are break and pick chocolate brown, navy blue and jungle green.

Eye Shadow
Eye shadows help to protect you from winter cold. Silver eye shadow would be the best choice in winter season. Shades like silver and white with black liners would give more results.

Apply Creamy Blush

  • Applying a little creamy blush would give better result in winter season. It can boost up the makeup and the best choice in winter. Blush makeup to face would enhance the glow in face and can combat pale problems in winter.
  • As skin can’t produce much oil in winter season, oily skin people no need to worry regarding their makeup issue. Every skin tone people can apply recommended makeup. Dry skin and combination skin people also can apply various makeup shares which are recommended to them.
  • It is advised that do not use Orange shades especially in winter season. Besides, Gold shade is also not made for winter. Gold shade is exclusively for summer season.

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