Health and Beauty Benefits of Guava

Guava is mainly a tropical and common fruit in Asian countries. The scientific name of guava is Psidium Guajava and belongs to the family of Mytaceae. It tastes like a cross between a pear and a strawberry. The fruit is blessed with many nutrients by nature. The fruit is neglected by a few people, who don’t know about the amazing benefits of guava. But it has unbelievable benefits.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Guava

Health and Beauty Benefits of Guava

The delicious fruit contains:

  • Fiber
  • Vitamin A and B
  • Nicotinic acid
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Folic acid
  • Phosphorus
  • Here are some benefits of guava include health and beauty.

Health benefits of guava:-
For nervous relaxation:

  • The fruit has magnesium, which functions as a nervous relaxant.
  • The body muscle and nerves have been relaxed with the mineral and it boosts energy.

For eye sight:

  • Vitamin A is good for eye sight. It is rich in guava.
  • It improves the power of retinal that provides clear vision.

Absorption power:

  • The delicious fruit has manganese compound which improves the level of body absorption power.
  • And it has the ability to grasp all the vitamins and nutrients.

High Potassium:

  • Potassium is rich in guava that balances the blood pressure levels.
  • And it increases the risk factor of hypertension.

Fiber rich:

  • Fiber in guava helps to decrease the blood sugar levels.
  • Digestive system can be cleanses by this content and balances the bowel movement.

For thyroid gland:

  • Copper in guava promotes the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Viral infections:

  • Cold and viral infections can be treated by guava.

Harmful bacteria:

  • Harmful bacteria, diarrhea and dysentery can be controlled by guava.

Beauty benefits of guava:-

Hair care:

  • Guava leaves can be useful for this method.
  • Take some leaves of guava and place them in a bowl to boil it.
  • Let it be in room temperature.
  • Massage it on the scalp after some time.
  • This method helps to cure the hair issues.

Skin colour:

  • Vitamin K is rich in guava helps to treat the skin from discolouration and uneven colour.


  • Take some leave of guava and blend it with water to make a scrub.
  • Apply it on the affected area.
  • You can use this method for two times in a week.
  • You will notice clear and blackheads free skin.
Health benefits of guava Leave

Health benefits of guava Leave

Vitamin C:

  • Guava contains vitamin C which helps to improve the production of collagen.
  • Anti-aging can be reduced with the help of same collagen.

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