Tips to Control Hair Splits during summer


In these day most of the people experiencing hair loss and split ends problems due to
various daily activities. This is irregular life style. It should be follow to healthy lifestyle
such as lack of sleep, food, and spending long time in sun and dust. In the summer
season, sun and water can damage the hair then it looks dry and dull. It leads to split
ends and make them brittle. All these circumstances we are providing tips to control
hair splits during summer season.

Control Hair Splits During Summer Season

Control Hair Splits During Summer Season

Hair cut:
Before the summer, you should cut the hair shortly, and then it gives smooth shape to
the hair. And it will get rid of earlier split ends. It will prevent hair from the hazards of
the climate.

Hair wash:
After spending the hours in sun, you should wash your hair. it will helps in hydrate the
scalp and keeps it cool.

UV shielding products:
Apply UV shielding items to protect your hair from ultra violet rays. These will contain
corn protein and soy. UV shielding products are hair sprays and shampoos etc.

Hair dampens:
Before entering into the pool or sea, you just dampen the head. It dilutes the absorption
of salty water or chlorinated water.

Avoid wet brushing:
Everyone brushing shortly after the head bath but it’s not ideal to the hair. When the
hair is in wet, it becomes fragile. Don’t comb after the bath. Use wide tooth comb,
which will helpful in detangling the knotted hair.

Long Hair:
If you have long hair, made it into pony tail or buns, protect the scalp from getting
directly exposed to the sun.

Wear cap:
Before going to outside, you must wear cap, scarf, wide cap or turban. It will keep the
sun rays away from the scalp.

Oil Massage:
Massage your hair with oil regularly. It helps to control hair fall and split ends.

An herbal remedy:
Take some fenugreek seeds and black lentils. Make a smooth paste with both of them.
Now add curd to the paste and mix them well. Apply the paste on over the scalp and
allow it to be for twenty minutes. Finally wash your face with mild shampoo. This
method helps to get rid of the split ends.

Honey treatment:
Take a mixture of honey, olive oil and egg yolk and make them into a smooth paste.
Now apply it on the scalp and retain it to be for twenty minutes. Use mild shampoo to
wash your hair. This method is also removing the split ends.

Avocado treatment:
Take a mixture of Avocado, olive oil and egg yolk. Mix them well and make a paste.
Apply the paste on scalp. This method helps to make the hair strong silky and shiny.

Avocado treatment

Avocado treatment

Papaya treatment:
Take papaya pulp and mix it with yogurt. Mix them well to make a mixture. Now apply it
on entire scalp deeply.


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