Thyroid And Hair Loss- How To Reverse Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Disorders

Thyroid And Hair Loss

Thyroid disorders and dysfunction can lead to varied symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, and hair loss. Hair loss when occurs in plenty can be disturbing. However, if you are losing hair only due to thyroid dysfunction, this problem is temporary and can be reversed by restoring thyroid function. Thyroid And Hair Loss- How To Reverse Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Disorders

Connection Between Thyroid And Hair Loss

To treat thyroid hair loss, it is important to understand the connection between thyroid function and hair loss. Let us understand the process of hair growth Connection Between Thyroid And Hair Loss

  • The hair grows from the root of the hair follicle on the scalp
  • The blood vessels on the scalp give nutrition to the root, thereby making the hair grow
  • The hair then pushes through the skin and the oil glands keep it soft and shiny
  • After a while the grown hair falls out, and a new cycle of growth starts

When the thyroid hormone production is disrupted, it affects the development of hair at the root. So when hair falls through the normal process, the new hair does not grow. This cases thinning of the existing hair on the scalp. Another autoimmune condition called Alopecia can be seen associated with thyroid disorders. In this condition, once can see patches of hair loss on the scalp ultimately leading to baldness.

Symptoms of Thyroid Related Hair Loss

Hair loss due to thyroid disorders can show some obvious symptoms. Some of them are Hair loss due to thyroid disorders

  • Uniform hair loss across the scalp
  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Thinning of the hair
  • Hair loss in the eyebrows and other regions of the body No new hair growth

Tips to Reverse Hair Loss caused by Thyroid Disorders

A lab test can help you identify any imbalance in thyroid hormones. This diagnosis is crucial as it help you seek the right type and dose of thyroid hormone. Consulting an encrinologist will help get the right treatment. Tips to Reverse Hair Loss caused by Thyroid Disorders

Some of the effective tips to reverse hair loss due to thyroid disorders are

1. Balance Your Hormones

The first step to reverse thyroid hair loss is to balance your hormones. Drugs like methimazole and levothyroxine are prescribed to bring your thyroid hormone production to normal. Once your hormonal balance is retained, hair loss will reduce automatically.

2. Rectify Nutritional Deficiencies

Those suffering from thyroid disorders often have nutritional deficiencies like iodine and iron deficiencies. Adding iodine rich and iron rich foods like sea food, eggs, and green leafy vegetables can help combat hair loss due to thyroid disorders.

3. Increase Protein Intake

Protein is an important constituent for proper hair growth. Collagen is one such protein that is rich in amino acids. It gives the hair follicle strength and promote new hair production. If you are suffering from thyroid hair loss, increasing your protein intake will be a good idea.

4. Balance The Blood Sugar

Consuming a lot of carbohydrates can spike your blood sugar levels in the body. This dramatic increase in blood sugar makes the body convert T4 into reverse T3, which is an inactive form of thyroid hormone. This results in slowing down of metabolic process and makes the hair shed more quickly. To reverse hair loss, opt for a low carb and high protein diet.Hair Loss caused by Thyroid Disorders


Thyroid disorders causes’ hair loss, but restoring its function can stop your hair from falling. With the help of a medical professional, you can set your hormonal balance correct and follow a nutrition rich diet plan. The right medical treatment and a well-balanced diet helps reverse hair loss due to thyroid disorders.



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